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  1. Hello We have offline scenario for ESMC.and i copy update files from one of online client to mirror folder on offline server every day.some times some of my clients(specially new clients)can not be update for some days and after that the problem solved. screenshot and log collector attached ees_logs.zip
  2. Hello Log file attached ,from one of my clients that suddenly missed Best Regards eea_logs.zip
  3. Hello I know what you said.but we did not do any things for the license removal.It happens suddenly screenshot attached
  4. Hello you misunderstood my problem. Our issue is, apparently in all of our clients which they have the valid license ; the license removed today on this morning suddenly. So we created and run a activation task again to these clients. In result of this task the license is activated successfully (shown in screenshot). But after 10 minutes these clients (one by one) have been removed again. I don't know what just happen to them. I really appreciate it if you help us with this problem.
  5. Hello Today When I check My ESMC suddenly my clients license Missed and a static group created and some of my clients moved to it. I created a Client Activation task and run it on my clients and after a while again my client`s still license Missing. what can i do?? screenshot attached
  6. Hello Thanks marcos. it works
  7. Hello my esmc server is completely offline and it can not be work as a proxy . I disable LiveGrid from policy but after that my server`s status got critical.
  8. Hello some of my servers do not access to internet because of that this warning appears on my console.is there any solution to disappear the warnings.I disable LiveGrid from policy but my server`s status got critical. is there another way(disappear LiveGrid Warning)?? screenshot attached. Thanks
  9. Hello Thank you marcos the problem solved🤗
  10. Hello The problem solved Thanks you itman and marcos
  11. Hello I did what you said marcos but i see the logs
  12. Thank you marcos I will check it and inform you about the result
  13. Hello I see some log in threads section.what is it? i disable the notification from Firewall-->IDS but it shows again What can i do for solving the Problem??
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