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  1. Dear support Hello we have a license with 260 clients. From ela.eset.com,I split the license into 3 parts.180 for endpoint antivirus(most of our clients has no internet connection).30 for server's edition and 50 for online clients the screenshot shows that we have 3 activation task,the first one is for our clients that have no internet connection and the second for my servers and the third one is a activation task for some of my online clients(I use activation code for activating the clients that have internet connection) For activating a client that has no internet connection i have used the first activation task(180 clients) but when i start the task my client gets license from online task and finally third activation task gets red(it says that the license overused) Why does happen this action?? when our offline license gets full it automaticaly switches to online task,is it true??
  2. Dear marcos Hello My clients do not have Internet connection.The problem happens when The console upgraded from 7.0 to 7.1 It happens on just 10 of our clients.most of them work correctlly(mean getting offline license) Do the clients use console(ESMC) as proxy for connecting to Internet??? A picture attached. The picture shows that we have two offline license one for endpoint antivirus and the other one for server edition . The third is for online clients. The online license shows that it overused but when i active an endpoint antivirus edition i use offline task.
  3. Dear Support Hello I created offline license from ELA.Eset.com.when I create a Task for assigning the offline license to our clients , the clients got online license and show my clients in Ela in 'units managment' section. What can i do for preventing clients to get license from Online?
  4. Dear Marcos by disabling self-defense the problem is not solved but when i change the mirror storage folder the problem solved Thanks for your reply😉
  5. Dear Eset Support could you help me?? I am in a hurry.my clients are outdated
  6. Hello Dear friend The folder(temprory for eset updates) is protected by endpoint and it doesnt let you to delete the folder.i checked it's permittion and it has full admin permittion. This is endpoint security for client and we use it for collecting updates and copy them to our offline server.it works about 1 year properly and suddenly this problem(error creating temp file) shown. Best regards
  7. Dear Support I can not delete the mirror folder and says permeation denied.
  8. Dear support Procmon log Attached. Best Regards LogFile.zip
  9. Hello Dear Support I have faced with this error "Error Creating temporary file" and i did "delete windows\temp" and "Delete user\temp" and "using clear cache" and "rollback update" and "Finally reinstall endpoint" but my problem does not solved. what can i do?? Best regards
  10. Hello we have online and offline network and when i want to update our eset database I have to copy all files(database update from online mirror folder).Is there any way just for transfer changes Files? Thanks
  11. Hello I have question about storing logs in esmc. where is the options(for changing if it is exist) ?? are there any limitations for collecting logs in esmc? Thanks
  12. Hello We have offline scenario for ESMC.and i copy update files from one of online client to mirror folder on offline server every day.some times some of my clients(specially new clients)can not be update for some days and after that the problem solved. screenshot and log collector attached ees_logs.zip
  13. Hello Log file attached ,from one of my clients that suddenly missed Best Regards eea_logs.zip
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