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  1. Hello What kind of information you want.tell me and i will send you soon. Thanks
  2. hello Thank you MichalJ,make this topic as solved
  3. Hello I wanna know that there any report for this job(show which one have eset endpoint or not or which one have agent or not) I have found something like that in fillter option but in report no Thanks for your reply
  4. Thanks for your reply after upgrading Eset management console to version 7 suddenly all of my tasks disappear .new tasks get disappeared too. Thanks
  5. Hello are there any reports that show which product (agent or endpoint) install on clients??/ Thanks
  6. Hello after creating a task like "product activation" the task not showed . Esmc version is 7 what i can do??
  7. Thanks for your reply I Read this kb but i confined. what i understood is that .we should first install esmc on new server and after that using migration tool for export and import setting on new server.then on clients(endpoint version 5 ) install agent because of our clients connect to new server. according to what you said "Upgrade is supported, however, I'd recommend uninstalling v5 first so that you install v7 with default settings" first uninstall endpoint version 5 then install endpoint version 7 that is correct
  8. Thanks marcos another question ,I confused of migrating administration console version 5 to console 7. directly upgrading possible??or clean installation recommended?? thanks
  9. Hello i have question about upgrading Endpoint version 5 to endpoint version 7.is it possible upgrading (installing version 7 directly on a client that has endpoint version 5)?? or first uninstall endpoint version 5 and then install Version 7 Thanks
  10. hello Marcos eset log and some encrypted files attached. password for Esetlogs.rar : infected Thanks essp_logs.zip EsetLogs.rar
  11. Hello some of my servers encrypted by a ransomware .it`s extension is banta. are there any decryption tools ??? some infected files and the encrypt-or exe attached eset logs attached too pass :infected EsetLogs.rar
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