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  1. Thanks for letting us know zfactor! 😊
  2. Correct. I bought 3 sets of 1 year license.
  3. Let me clarify. When I buy ESET licenses from Newegg.com, I like to buy 2-3 years vs just 1 year. Would be nice if I can consolidate the 3 years into 1 existing license so the license will be valid for 3 years. I know Norton allows this via support chat and this makes it very convenient. Just a suggestion.
  4. Would like to also add: Would be really beneficial if ESET License Manager page can further improve where we can input existing licenses as like a vault so we can use it when the current license expires or even stack if that is possible.
  5. miyagi


    I highly recommend F-Secure Freedome VPN. It is fast and from a reputable company. They offer 50% special time to time. I know for sure Black Friday they offer this. Follow them on Twitter so you don't miss the deal. Stay away from Avira Phantom VPN. It is slow.
  6. Just noticed Aryeh from ESET posted this from his Twitter account. Interesting read. Enjoy! https://cdn1-prodint.esetstatic.com/ESET/US/docs/about/ESET-Technology-Whitepaper.pdf
  7. Thank you Marcos! I always liked the prompt virus signature update notice. I still keep the balloon even though you guys have it disabled by default. I know that it's not necessary but I've known ESET for this uniqueness. All the best to the new version 11!
  8. Please don't... Would you like to see my empty desk?
  9. As suggested by reisender1967, I also would like the virus database version info shown while moving your mouse to the ESET tray icon. Please keep it like all the previous versions. Thank you.
  10. If I told you that I am your grandson, will you spare me a license? LOL. Great collection jadinolf!
  11. Would be awesome if this can be available in Anti-Theft feature in my.eset.com. Norton has this and saved me many times trying to locate my phone in the house when kids play hide n seek.
  12. I enable PUPs and PUAs and disable removal device notification scan.
  13. Thank you rugk and ESET for keeping us safe!
  14. As many tests and trials I have tried with AVs out there, I always return to ESET and this time it will stay like this for many years. Without going through all the bits about the hates from other rivals, ESET has always achieved high detection, aggressive stance when it comes to PUAs, and not bundling with unnecessary components (back ups/optimizers). Everything just runs fast on all of my machines and has been the most stable and trouble free. Some things I like about ESET is their update mechanism which always run when you boot up your machine and a hourly check after. The size of the update is so small compared to others and makes me wonder if ESET has better coders? Aside from the program itself, the forum staff and members are invaluable. There are members who willingly support others who need help and brings great suggestions. There is also the WeLiveSecurity.com blog where you can read and learn about the current IT landscape. Happy to also see the YouTube channels updated too. Recently, there have been many new 2015 releases from other companies with cool guis and stripped product line but what matters to me is "Are the new releases stable enough"? Did they just release so you can upgrade to the new product line for a fee? I hate when you have to be a guinea pig half the time of the year and find out later another new release will happen. Who cares about what year it is? Release a product when it is ready and keep your existing customers happy! These are my thoughts from a consumer perspective. I look forward for many years ahead with ESET and recommend over a lot of other companies. Thank you ESET!
  15. Thanks Siljaline. Will wait for couple of days to settle. I still love ESET!
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