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  1. like some others here i have had systems running eset for a VERY long time. going all the way back to nod 2.0 (even have experience prior to that) and those systems have never had an infection. i can not say that for MANY other av's. while i would of course like to see all the test results i dont think it makes a huge difference anymore. to many variables between tests and to many opinions. there are only a very very few av's i trust on a very short list and eset has always made that list. if you know me i do extensive testing myself on every av i try and i have been around av's for MANY years now.
  2. marcos i was just notified by support. they said the activation has changed for keys prior to 2015 and they are in fact not able to activate those keys. however they will issue an equivalent replacement key for each one as needed. and they will still support those keys. so there you go to anyone who may have had this question. if you have a new older key that will not activate simply email or call support and they can issue a replacement key for a current equivalent product level.
  3. i think he means he buys 3 x 1 year lic's or am i wrong
  4. marcos just to note they are the carboard boxed ones with the plastic cd case with the sticker inside the plastic case that holds the disc. these are not the lic's newegg sells that are the ones where you get a card or are a downloadable lic just to clarify. i can take some pics if you would like.
  5. i understand that but these lic's worked up until this past week (friday to be exact). so what changed? and when support checked they said the lic was in fact valid, but it would not activate. and as i also said i was told the lic's would ALWAYS work and would simply activate a "comparable" product that is current at the time of use. i.e. older smart security > internet security. i asked like a dozen different people this in the past at eset and every one including the support person today said they would work. today he said this is something they JUST changed. which is why im wondering if he was correct or not.
  6. thats kind of what we do with them. at the price we paid for them (and as i said they are LEGIT COPIES STILL SEALED) i give them to clients who otherwise would not run an antivirus or who read that defender is terrible and like to turn it off etc. i would rather them run something like eset then nothing. and most will not run free because of the nagging from them. so i happily will include an eset lic in a basic service if they would like one but if eset will kill my lic's i can not do that any longer. imo its better to have it out there then kill them and toss them. MANY MANY times i get a call that goes like " hey i really liked that eset program or what its called (lol) and it asked me to renew so i went ahead and paid for it." so then eset gets a renewal. i do not offer these to existing people only new clients to me. i will switch to something else if i loose these lic's and will not look for deals on eset anymore. i just enjoy offering them to people knowing its a product i can trust.
  7. you can use any previous smart security to activate current internet security. so no im not installing old versions. and when offered to me at a great price i asked eset and they said the lic's would not expire so then why not. these are used for home clients not enterprise. they did issue a replacement lic today in the end but i hope they will do this for the rest as i said i bought with the knowledge from eset directly these would be able to be used till gone.
  8. i was told 2015 and earlier today will be invalid by support. and yes these are actual SEALED disc boxed retail versions bought from newegg and an authorized distributor. they did replace one key for me today but i am not sure they will do that in the future. not a cool move though imo. the person i spoke with also said MANY people are not happy about it. i had a bunch of version 6 boxes from a large purchase i made (bought just under 300 of them as a closeout from an authorized distributor) and that was one today that came back invalid. i also have some family packs which now will i guess be no good as well as some other ones. if this is in fact true i think its really a bad move i mean there cant be that many of them left just let people use them up and then be done with them. so im hoping the person was wrong,
  9. spoke with support today since i have a stack of older boxed retail units bought up from places like newegg when they had them on sale (i used to buy around 150 or more at a time) and was told the keys are now invalid. i was told by eset they would never do that and there would be no worries buying them all they would never invalidate them. so beware of this, im tossing i guess about 40 units i have left because they will be of no good to me. and this will be a lot less i use it if i can do things that way. sad day imo.
  10. i mean sure i miss the old school gui of like version 2.5 but i think if it had to be updated this is the best compromise they could have made.
  11. i just want to say thank you for not going the route so many have gone and making a really horrible and ugly gui and taking away most of the advanced options. i love the current one and im sure at some point it will need updating but when that happens i hope you guys will continue the same approach! all my favorite gui's are now gone except with eset you guys kept it fairly close.
  12. marcos a huge issue with this method is say i have a client who uses eset (i have a LOT who do) and lets say as an example their hard drive dies and they are unable to uninstall eset before we replace it and reinstall windows and then eset. or perhaps their os crashes and is in a boot loop or whatever the case be in these cases they can not remove eset first. if you can see my point?? there are many times legit reasons people have multiple installs on one device.
  13. i also had this issue. i have to do a CLEAN install. and make sure the network driver was removed. once i did a clean install everything was great
  14. what about those of us who have BOXED RETAIL versions of ess v8 will i be able to use those lic's with ess being phased out or will they be no good now?
  15. this is happening ONLY with eset installed. formatted the system installed CLEAN nothing but windows 10 x64, installed eset beta again issue popped up again. no idea when it will happen its very sporadic and the only time it seems to happen more often then not is when i open or move pdf files. tried without adobe or nitro using only built in windows pdf viewer. otherwise no real time or reason, otherwise one of the com surrogate process' start to use 30-50% cpu. same system clean install windows 10 use a different brand of av and no issue like this. never happened in a week of testing for it. reinstalled eset beta and saw it again pretty quickly
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