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  1. Thank you, if that's exactly what I meant. So if the programming did not change, if the way of working changed. Previously, I noticed that if the update task had not been executed within 60 minutes of the previous one because the PC was busy in a full screen application (game, movie, etc). As soon as I left the application, the search for updates occurred immediately. Not now, now if the last search was, for example, at 11:25 am and I use a program that requires full screen, and I exit the program at 2:45 pm, there is no immediate search for updates, despite more than one hour has
  2. Regards. I have a question about the configuration of scheduled tasks, specifically the one in charge of searching for virus definition updates. This task is scheduled to run every 60 minutes, but I remember that previously, if the task did not run at the scheduled time, it would run as soon as possible. Now the task is scheduled to run only at the scheduled time. Was it a deliberate change by ESET or is it a bug? I know I can change the programming myself, but I would like to know first what caused this change. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  3. Does this option no longer exist in the configuration? I always activated it after installing the program, now I can't find it.
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