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  1. Previously, I had also experienced the fact that the program did not update automatically, but doing a manual search solved it. What puzzles me about this case is that the manual search will not show the update. Maybe it has to do with windows 10, it has been less than a month that I migrated from windows 7 to this system and did a clean installation. Maybe that's why my father's PC was updated well, because he has a lot with Windows 10 installed and EIS working. I hope that the next update of the program is successful, otherwise I will consider formatting again.
  2. Clearing the cache made no difference. I suppose the records I attached were useless. Finally yesterday I uninstalled version 13.024.0 and installed the latest version ( without any problem.
  3. I use windows 10 home V 1909. I already have the records I request. Do I attach them here in the forum or should I send them to an email address?
  4. I have the same problem. I do a manual search for update and find nothing. On my father's PC the program was automatically updated.
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