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    Hijin25 gave kudos to Marcos in DNS Poisoning attack detection   
    The option was removed since it caused more legitimate than malicious detections.
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    Hijin25 gave kudos to Marcos in Banking & Payment Protection and new Microsoft Edge.   
    Yes, it does.
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    Hijin25 gave kudos to Marcos in "Anonymous statistical information was sent"   
    Already asked and explained here:
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    Hijin25 received kudos from Alberto T. Gomez in IP blocking in GOG Galaxy   
    This is very confusing to me, if it is dangerous why ESET gets it out of the blacklist?
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    Hijin25 gave kudos to Marcos in EIS blocks toolslib.net   
    I'm currently waiting for a clarification from a developer of the web protection module. Will keep you posted. You can temporarily pause web access protection to download files from there.
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    Hijin25 gave kudos to itman in EIS blocks toolslib.net   
    I just scanned toolslib.net using QUALS SSL Server check and they gave the site an A+ rating: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=toolslib.net&s= . All certs. look OK except they are using a self-signed Let's Encrypt cert.. Only thing QUALS noted was:
    OCSP STAPLING ERROR: OCSP response expired on Tue Mar 05 18:00:00 UTC 2019   
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    Hijin25 gave kudos to itman in EIS blocks toolslib.net   
    You will have to be patient and let @Marcos get back to you with whatever issue Eset is detecting with the web site. If you immediately have to download AdwCleaner for some reason, you can do so via the bleepingcomputer.com link I posted previously.
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    Hijin25 gave kudos to itman in EIS blocks toolslib.net   
    Appears the issue has been resolved. I can download AdwCleaner from the Malwarebytes site w/o issue.
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    Hijin25 gave kudos to ebill in Normal behavior?   
    I will just share what I saw recently.
    I just added a new lap-top about two weeks ago, I unboxed updated windows 10 home to current edition (1809). I then uninstalled all security software found with the ESET removal tool (on my unit that was McAfee) rebooted and ensured unit was looking good and running well. I installed the latest EIS with full installer fresh from the ESET web site.
    I remember the scan starting very well as I chose to restart before it concluded this particular time (in this case I was adding software and chose to manual scan later) . So I remember the scan window as I thought about restarting and can verify (for me) the scan did start at original install like you remember.
    I do not know if to worry or not, personally when I am am faced with something like this the safest thing for my (over active) mind is to carefully uninstall and reinstall. ESET allows this and it would put your mind to rest.  
    We may likely get more info from someone more knowledgeable - Hope this helps - ebill   
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