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  1. Hello sootsnoot, I don't have a lot of experience with anti theft yet but as a resent researcher of it. I believe I can answer your questions, I will try as you have had no other responses. I suspect the message came from "investigating" the phantom account as you outlined. In reviewing my own device in "myeset" click on view details on the device then if you look under "settings" under the device you can delete the phantom account and then the device from anti theft. Changing "anti-theft" back to disabled (default) should remove the phantom account only and deactivate anti theft for that device without other changes to your eset setup. I don't know if there is a "correct" order to do it or if it would not mater, maybe this will get you an answer if it matters. Looking over how eset makes changes it would seem as long as you had internet access your device would communicate with the eset servers your request. Hope this helps you some -- ebill
  2. Marcos, Thank you for your reply, this is what I hoped. ebill
  3. I have some questions in regard to Anti-Theft on a windows 10 OS with EIS. 1- When you enable Anti-Theft, do you have to enable windows location service or is locating the device done though ESET’s update path/servers. 2- The user guide talks of having access to “photos and snapshots” from your online account. Am I correct in assuming these are items taken after a device would be reported missing. I like to keep general web access to my location turned off; this is the reason for question 1. I would not want any photos not related to a “theft” stored away from my PC is my reason for question 2. I just want to check before engaging this service, I searched and could not these specific questions answered forgive me if I missed them Thanks – ebill
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    Hello to the ESET forum, I am a computer enthusiast as a hobby. I enjoy desktop computing to seek out information on a great number of items of curiosity. I had been seeking out a new Internet security suite and had been researching ESET using the web and monitoring the forum here. The past two AV vendors I have used I participated in their forums and have found forums to be a reliable gauge in how security software preforms and how the company takes care of its customers. On the ESET forum, I have found very knowledgeable people with high levels of computer expertise. I am excited to continue to monitor and hopefully contribute as I learn more about ESET Internet security through its use. I am new to ESET but I am very impressed with the software so far. It seems to be very easy to set up and ample configuration. I really like the banking and payment browser as well as the light weight effect overall the software has on the OS. I have one windows 10 pro machine 1803 and one older lap-top running windows 10 home 1803 both running ESET internet security current version I work as a mechanic/machinist (forklift) and enjoy bicycling Glad to be here -- ebill