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  1. Thanks Marcos - I really appreciate the confirmation, the wording is fine I just needed a little insurance to be sure. Also thank you for all the work ESET does to keep improving the products ! and your significant contributions here on the forum !
  2. I hope I did not miss the obvious in my searching. I am trying to fully understand the intended use of the mobile version of payment protection. The Payment protection feature looks like it is for "payment" apps only such as Google pay and dedicated bank apps not browsers (like the desk top version). If I check off my browser under manage and open the browser from normal icon (for non payment browsing) ESET flags that with a message the app was opened without full protection message. Is my deduction accurate that this feature is not for browsers were payment "could" be entered and is only for dedicated "apps" ? Sorry if I missed something -- Thanks Ebill
  3. Hi flutterby, Firefox should save your passwords effectively, as well. Under settings check your settings here I don't save passwords myself so my "ask to save" is unchecked. Most in the know say to use a master password for extra security, but that would be entirely up to you. Also remember if you use banking and payment a separate Firefox profile is created, so you would want to set that profile to your liking as well for use in B&P. Tip -- To work that B&P profile, simply launch a blank B&P windows through the desk top shortcut and set it up like you want. Hope this helps - ebill
  4. Also - In addition to the requested ESET version, could you share your OS version and the browser/browsers you like to use this should allow us help you. I am not aware of any ESET default settings that would interfere with the common browsers ability to save logins on windows 10.
  5. gary11111, Please try to open B&P from the shortcut and go to your bank site, FF should work fine for you this way. With FF and ESET banking and payment a separate profile is created. You may set your personal security you wish FF to use with B&P in this profile by just opening B&P and choosing FF "options" while in the B&P window (you can use tighter security than normal browser for example). Personally I love this method of operation, I have just my secure payment sites in the B&P profile. I open B&P from the desktop shortcut when I want to have its extra level of protection while making payments. I even organize my favorites in that profile making the house finances very efficient. Getting every site to open as desired is quite a challenge with modern site design. If you supply your bank site the moderators may be able to pass that on to developers to see why it is not opening automatically. I hope this may help in your enjoyment of ESET, in my opinion one of the best -- ebill
  6. Thank you to both Nightowl and peteyt -- I see the main eset website seems to steer toward the play store. I know there will be differences such as the call filter. I think I will try the play store version and try it out. This way I won't accidentally lock out updates (I did that to myself once). BTW - I have only downloaded the .apk file from ESET's official web site. There are other versions and know they should be avoided. Thanks again - ebill
  7. Hello ESET community, I use ESET mobile security and and seeing post referring to version 5.3.30, I am showing 5.2.68 as current and up to date (apk file). I installed from the .apk file and wonder if it is still updated and supported? Or is the most current supported version the Google play version. I just want to stay updated to the most recent version, for the best security. Thank you - ebill
  8. I fixed this issue - I found out what I "may" (probably) had done that caused this issue. It had to do with phone permissions, I must have inadvertently undone the ESET app permission to "Install applications from outside sources" I downloaded and installed the latest .apk file and installed it. This brought me up to date and uncovered my personal error with the app's permissions. I hope this helps someone who finds they cannot successfully "check" for updates on android. ebill
  9. Hello, I have two Android phones with ESET mobile security installed they are Android Oreo 8.1.0 (up to date) with ESET version (showing as up to date). I had installed ESET mobile security from the .apk originally about a year ago. When hitting the "Update" in the ESET app under settings the app says "checking" briefly and than closes. I was wondering if that is normal, I seem to remember it checking and letting me know it saw no new version before. It looks like auto update is working fine, I don't manually check this very often just once and a while to ensure a auto update was not missed. Thanks - ebill
  10. itman, Seems to be working for me with latest version & Thunderbird is the only email client in use on the PC in the screen shot below. mousing across the graph it says 13 emails scanned today. Note: I did need to do "show more" as Marcos suggested but now it seems as you can see its on the "fist" page
  11. elle, It looks from your screen shots eset has found a ligament threat on the site you are trying to access. The most prudent course may be to contact the site's manager and alert them. I am far from the expert here, but I would not try to "allow" access to that site till the warning goes away. One good thing to try is clear your browser cache and temp files restart your PC and see if the warning is still displayed. All the best -- ebill
  12. Petr, In case you are still looking for a solution, I suspect you have downloaded from the Google play store and "google" has taken out the feature you wish to use. Please reference the following link to download the mobile product direct and install it from its ".apk" file to resolve the issue. (note the link below is a US link) https://support.eset.com/kb6563/?viewlocale=en_US I am hopeful this will be useful in your local area (I see you are in the U.K.) you may have to research the "proper" link for your location. (maybe search the KB6563 from your location) Hope this helps
  13. Marcos, I appreciate the additional info. I am embarrassed to say what I thought was ESET was something calling/receiving in the router itself (the router has a security feature built in) after a router firmware update last evening the mystery burst are gone this evening. I lacked the expertise to tell where it was coming from. I incorrectly assumed it had to be something on my wired PC as internet and LAN light for the PC were timed perfectly together with the changing file name along with the router traffic monitor and ESETs watch activity monitor showing tx/rx pattern on the network after it changed. itman - Sorry to distract the topic, as my concerns now seem unrelated and now solved I wanted to share this as I do not want to cast any unnecessary doubt -- ebill (always learning)
  14. Marcos, Thank you for your clarification on the AMSI setting. I was just trying to correlate something "new" observed with the new activity observed. Is it safe to assume this new "scanning" observed is the real time scanner checking critical files/files against an online data base. I thought of posting a while back but concluded it "had" to be a new method of checking files. After seeing itman's question I am more curious. Thank you for all you do
  15. itman, I had noted the "changing" files at the ESET GUI location you in your screen shot after installing Windows 10 version 1809. I was looking for "what" was communicating through my router one quiet evening when I was not initiating activity. I would see IO activity lights blinking at intervals matching the "changing" of the file name. I may be way off but I suspect this activity is due to ESET's integration with Microsoft's Anti-malware Scan Interface (AMSI). Check out this setting that turned up after the fall update 1809. In my Googling of AMSI this seems to make sense, I have not yet switched it off to see during a quiet time (seems like we always have something running here). I ran across interesting material you had written in regard to AMSI while googling it so I am sure you are familiar with how it works. Do you think what you have noticed is related to this new enhanced "scanning" ? I guess we would need to know how ESET is implementing it.
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