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  1. Thank you to both Nightowl and peteyt -- I see the main eset website seems to steer toward the play store. I know there will be differences such as the call filter. I think I will try the play store version and try it out. This way I won't accidentally lock out updates (I did that to myself once). BTW - I have only downloaded the .apk file from ESET's official web site. There are other versions and know they should be avoided. Thanks again - ebill
  2. Hello ESET community, I use ESET mobile security and and seeing post referring to version 5.3.30, I am showing 5.2.68 as current and up to date (apk file). I installed from the .apk file and wonder if it is still updated and supported? Or is the most current supported version the Google play version. I just want to stay updated to the most recent version, for the best security. Thank you - ebill
  3. I fixed this issue - I found out what I "may" (probably) had done that caused this issue. It had to do with phone permissions, I must have inadvertently undone the ESET app permission to "Install applications from outside sources" I downloaded and installed the latest .apk file and installed it. This brought me up to date and uncovered my personal error with the app's permissions. I hope this helps someone who finds they cannot successfully "check" for updates on android. ebill
  4. Hello, I have two Android phones with ESET mobile security installed they are Android Oreo 8.1.0 (up to date) with ESET version (showing as up to date). I had installed ESET mobile security from the .apk originally about a year ago. When hitting the "Update" in the ESET app under settings the app says "checking" briefly and than closes. I was wondering if that is normal, I seem to remember it checking and letting me know it saw no new version before. It looks like auto update is working fine, I don't manually check this very often just once and a while to ensure a auto update was not missed. Thanks - ebill
  5. Hello to the ESET forum, I am a computer enthusiast as a hobby. I enjoy desktop computing to seek out information on a great number of items of curiosity. I had been seeking out a new Internet security suite and had been researching ESET using the web and monitoring the forum here. The past two AV vendors I have used I participated in their forums and have found forums to be a reliable gauge in how security software preforms and how the company takes care of its customers. On the ESET forum, I have found very knowledgeable people with high levels of computer expertise. I am excited to continue to monitor and hopefully contribute as I learn more about ESET Internet security through its use. I am new to ESET but I am very impressed with the software so far. It seems to be very easy to set up and ample configuration. I really like the banking and payment browser as well as the light weight effect overall the software has on the OS. I have one windows 10 pro machine 1803 and one older lap-top running windows 10 home 1803 both running ESET internet security current version I work as a mechanic/machinist (forklift) and enjoy bicycling Glad to be here -- ebill
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