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  1. PassingBy, In the meantime as Marcos looks at your logs, I would like to make a possible suggestion. First I assume you are initiating your "payment" session from a normal browsing window, if not please excuse my comments. I am seeing no issues with Firefox version 65.0.1 64 bit (current standard release) when I start the banking and payment from a desktop shortcut (or GUI). For all recurring "transaction sites" I keep a shortcut in the resulting "B&P" version of Firefox (as a separate profile is used for B&P). If I am doing a one off purchase I will browse to the point of knowing I want to purchase and simply copy and past the website into the B&P browser and continue the transaction in B&P. I have done PayPal this way with no issues where secure redirects are done without issues. I feel the "extra time" is no longer than waiting for ESET to redirect and click OK to accept the change to B&P. Certainly B&P should work while navigating to a payment or banking site (as it is advertised) but as redirects themselves break some sites built in security, my suggestions may be something to try to ensure things work as expected for you. Hope this could help -- ebill
  2. For Alex2019, I have two things to note the first to set my response correct. 1- Sorry for not researching ESET documentation properly as pointed out by another poster, I did make some assumptions in my response. I do see in the documentation the feature may be limited to certain parts of the world. 2- In looking into this more I have an important observation that "may" be helpful in figuring out the possible GUI flaw - Your OS a 32bit version of windows (x86) this may be related to your GUI issue if it applies to your area.
  3. Hello Alex2019, Welcome - Please do not worry as you are in trial at the moment you may not get "credit" for referring a friend. If you like the product and buy a license and activate it then the item you are missing will show. I hope your test go well, ESET is a great product. The trial is fully functional, the refer a friend is one small and understandable difference only for licensed users. Also: As a kind recommendation you should only provide personal data via PM and only when ask (noting your user name and license ID and seat name in your post) Enjoy and please do not hesitate to ask questions during your trial, great forum here. -- ebill
  4. Hello Cindyana, I will make a try here for you as you have not had a response for some time. Maybe some more details will help generate an answer or direction to get one. Please let us know the OS system of the affected unit, also the version of ESET installed (whole version number example - When you did your install and activated anti-theft were you successful at entering your details (username and password) in the GUI as in this screen shot? What happened when you hit sign in? If your internet connection was up this should have registered your unit at myeset , it has been some time since I did this step so memory is fuzzy. I do remember not having much trouble. Hope your answers can generate some assistance for you -- ebill
  5. Thanks for letting us know things are OK Could have just been a hiccup before, but now you will rest easy for sure - Thanks and enjoy
  6. Hijin25, I will just share what I saw recently. I just added a new lap-top about two weeks ago, I unboxed updated windows 10 home to current edition (1809). I then uninstalled all security software found with the ESET removal tool (on my unit that was McAfee) rebooted and ensured unit was looking good and running well. I installed the latest EIS with full installer fresh from the ESET web site. I remember the scan starting very well as I chose to restart before it concluded this particular time (in this case I was adding software and chose to manual scan later) . So I remember the scan window as I thought about restarting and can verify (for me) the scan did start at original install like you remember. I do not know if to worry or not, personally when I am am faced with something like this the safest thing for my (over active) mind is to carefully uninstall and reinstall. ESET allows this and it would put your mind to rest. We may likely get more info from someone more knowledgeable - Hope this helps - ebill
  7. elle, Thank you for letting us know the info was helpful. I recently changed my home router setup and did a lot of "swapping" routers that's how I knew to make a lucky guess. I just speculated it would show also in your home monitor list, I had not used the "list" feature so we both learned something. Thank you and enjoy
  8. Hello elle, I am going to take a crack at this, I could be wrong but something to look at. I suspect the "copies" you see are networks that were previous connections having the same name but some other criteria such as a different IP address, maybe a different router you have installed ect. Please look in the following area in the GUI - setup>advanced setup>Network protection>Known networks>edit after hitting edit see if you see the same Home and then Home 2,3,4 in that list. You only need the one you are using, you can delete any unused networks here, I am guessing that may clean up your list. Note that if the computer is a lap-top that goes to different networks and you are naming them all "Home" you would get the 2-3-4 suffix to diferentiate them. Hope this helps -- ebill
  9. Tornado and AGH1965, In the hopes this may help, I would recommend trying Firefox. You could even use it just for banking and payment if you have another favorite browser for normal use. ESET will create a Firefox profile that is isolated from the default profile, this allows different settings in the two profiles. An example is you can choose not to save history in B&P and to save in regular browser and any other settings you want to change. If your bank is not recognized as a B&P site you can configure it to do so under security tools>Banking and Payment> hit the gear on the right for advanced settings and insert your site's URL then when you open the configured site with Firefox you would open it with in B&P (as per your settings) even if its not the default browser. This is at least an alternative to IE11 at this point, not trying to force anything (you might not like Firefox) just giving an alternative. -- Hope this helps some - ebill
  10. First I hope this post is in the proper place, and proper in content I just feel the need to say some words of praise. I would like to express my thanks to ESET and to the forum here and review my first 6 months with ESET internet security. I cannot be happier with the performance of the software; I would like to detail what I like best. EIS is very low impact on system resources, significantly improving boot times and general performance on our windows 10 PC’s in our home. The software is far easier than any other security software I have used to “setup”. For me setting the “enable detection of potentially unsafe applications” to on and setting my home network and it’s all done. In my previous vendor there were so many settings I had a list to use if re-install was necessary. The advanced setup available is also a huge advantage and the great forum here is the best place to get advice if you need help (I have answered most all of my own questions by searching and reading). We practice safe computing in our home but have saw the software “protect” us by not allowing web sites to load on a few occasions in web searches. I love the “lack” of popups and background behavior, only coming up when something needs my attention. The banking and payment is a great asset, I use this feature from its shortcut (not relying on site detection) when doing any online payment activity. I have not had any problems at all accessing sites, I even use PayPal on occasion and navigation through payment is flawless. I use Firefox as my browser of choice and love that I can create customization's in the Banking and Payment browser profile to enhance my personal security preferences while in B&P while not effecting my normal profile. In migrating feature updates on Windows 10 the software was flawless this fall picking right up where it was. Also when an ESET major update is ready the updates have gone flawless as well. This is a great asset to “ease of use”. Test results prevented me from coming to ESET sooner, this forum and the detail of explanation when these questions have come up (by other forum users) helped me understand what “test results” really mean. The reputation and commitment by ESET is evident in the software’s actual use. Please accept my sincere thanks for having this great product available. Anyone needing a great preforming AV suite should give ESET a try. Also my wishes for a Happy New year and a great 2019 to all at ESET and the forum – ebill
  11. ebill

    Introduce yourself

    Hello to the ESET forum, I am a computer enthusiast as a hobby. I enjoy desktop computing to seek out information on a great number of items of curiosity. I had been seeking out a new Internet security suite and had been researching ESET using the web and monitoring the forum here. The past two AV vendors I have used I participated in their forums and have found forums to be a reliable gauge in how security software preforms and how the company takes care of its customers. On the ESET forum, I have found very knowledgeable people with high levels of computer expertise. I am excited to continue to monitor and hopefully contribute as I learn more about ESET Internet security through its use. I am new to ESET but I am very impressed with the software so far. It seems to be very easy to set up and ample configuration. I really like the banking and payment browser as well as the light weight effect overall the software has on the OS. I have one windows 10 pro machine 1803 and one older lap-top running windows 10 home 1803 both running ESET internet security current version I work as a mechanic/machinist (forklift) and enjoy bicycling Glad to be here -- ebill