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  1. Hi flutterby, Firefox should save your passwords effectively, as well. Under settings check your settings here I don't save passwords myself so my "ask to save" is unchecked. Most in the know say to use a master password for extra security, but that would be entirely up to you. Also remember if you use banking and payment a separate Firefox profile is created, so you would want to set that profile to your liking as well for use in B&P. Tip -- To work that B&P profile, simply launch a blank B&P windows through the desk top shortcut and set it up like you want. Hope this helps - ebill
  2. Also - In addition to the requested ESET version, could you share your OS version and the browser/browsers you like to use this should allow us help you. I am not aware of any ESET default settings that would interfere with the common browsers ability to save logins on windows 10.
  3. Hello to the ESET forum, I am a computer enthusiast as a hobby. I enjoy desktop computing to seek out information on a great number of items of curiosity. I had been seeking out a new Internet security suite and had been researching ESET using the web and monitoring the forum here. The past two AV vendors I have used I participated in their forums and have found forums to be a reliable gauge in how security software preforms and how the company takes care of its customers. On the ESET forum, I have found very knowledgeable people with high levels of computer expertise. I am excited to continue to monitor and hopefully contribute as I learn more about ESET Internet security through its use. I am new to ESET but I am very impressed with the software so far. It seems to be very easy to set up and ample configuration. I really like the banking and payment browser as well as the light weight effect overall the software has on the OS. I have one windows 10 pro machine 1803 and one older lap-top running windows 10 home 1803 both running ESET internet security current version I work as a mechanic/machinist (forklift) and enjoy bicycling Glad to be here -- ebill
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