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  1. Wow - that's pretty eye-opening. Thanks for the follow up and post itman.
  2. Alright, you've convinced me - although I'm still baffled by the contrasting testimony I'm getting between the two forums. Since I bit the bullet and purchased ESET (my 1st commercial product in several years), I'll give it the best chance to perform for me, and will uninstall MBAM - at least for now. Thank you all for your help and the time you took to explain things to me.
  3. I'm not sure when "before" was, but I've been using the premium version of MBAM for around 10 years give or take and in that time it has always had a real time scanner, which was the biggest draw of upgrading. Per MBAM forum user exile360 who has over 27K posts: "With regards to real-time protection, the protection in Malwarebytes functions differently from a traditional AV like ESET. It does not use on-access scanning to check files when they are created or accessed on disk; instead, Malwarebytes looks at each process/thread that attempts to enter memory to determine if it is malicious, meaning by the time Malwarebytes starts to look at a file/process, ESET will have already analyzed it (because ESET, like most AVs, uses on-access scanning in real-time) and either not detected it, allowing Malwarebytes to flag and quarantine the file without any interference from ESET, or ESET will quarantine it once it has analyzed the file, preventing Malwarebytes from ever seeing it since the file never attempted to enter memory at that point." I have been advised that there should be no conflict, but if I wish I can set MBAM exclusions in ESET & ESET exclusions in MBAM, just in case. I think that's a good idea, but haven't quite figured out how to do it yet. But doesn't ESET override the security center environment? I used MBAM for some time before upgrading to premium, but have run it in Win 10 for years with no problem and no exclusions - some of those years it ran alongside Norton Internet Security, and some of the years it ran alongside AVG or Windows Defender. I'm not trying to be argumentative, I've just never had a problem with MBAM and it has served me well so I don't want to just abandon it - esp since I have a lifetime license. I don't know what caused the original update problem, but everything seems to be working well now, even with real time monitoring re-enabled.
  4. Aha! That was a great idea! Yes, this version of FF is in permanent private browsing mode and I hadn't considered that (I can't even figure out yet how to disable that should I want to). Also, this version has Firefox Lockwise, and when I reviewed my one saved login, I found a clickable box to add a new login. So while the individual websites are no longer asking if I want to save the passwords, I can set them up one by one manually. Thanks again! Together we are knocking down the little glitches in getting the new computer fine tuned.
  5. From the earliest I can recall learning about MBAM, they have always prided themselves on being sufficiently different from other AV products that they can run alongside with no issue and to date I have not had any issue with this. However, point made. Thank you for your help.
  6. When you said to force an update, this is what I found that involved the registry: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/Windows/en-US/c55e3f7c-d032-42ea-9171-39a34379e7f5/force-update-to-mbam-server Sounds pretty useless at this point. But in all fairness, MBAM has worked great for me for a very long time, and it's ESET that I'm struggling with and thinking that perhaps I shouldn't have purchased... I did find a user guide to download.
  7. Correct, but as you can see, the option to save passwords is now greyed out. I need to get it activated, and ESET is the only unknown aspect of the puzzle. I don't know where else to look to change/access this setting.
  8. Hi again itman According to the "About" tab, it's Internet Security ver My preferred browser is Firefox, but I checked and Chrome will allow saving passwords, so I think I need to ask the Mozilla folks. Thanks, itman - you got me on the right track again!
  9. Sooo, I would still like to know how I can allow an individual app thru the firewall - preferably without going into "interactive" mode.
  10. Hello, Being a security conscious person, for years I refused to allow browsers to save my logins. I finally relented about a year ago, and found my experience to be ever so much easier that I wished I'd made the change long ago. My question is: I've got a brand new computer and a new ESET sub to go with it. ESET seems to be in control of this browser function, but I can't find where I can change it. Can someone tell me where to find this setting?
  11. Before I do that (which seems to involve editing the registry), let me ask you this: in your opinion, does ESET cover everything MBAM does? Is there any real value in running both apps?
  12. No MBAM hasn't been involved. I've turned off the real time protection, but changed no other settings (see attached). Is this correct?
  13. @Marcos, I am aware of potential conflicts with protection s/w, but I was assured that MBAM and ESET would work together nicely before I made the purchase. Additionally, I Googled the question and found positive responses for MBAM/ESET on same computer. Have I been advised in error? I am totally unfamiliar with ESET and don't know how to pause the firewall. Is there a user guide? @itman, after having the MBAM install issue, I did find the interactive mode setting and tried it out, but it was very noisy, and I didn't know what to allow and what not, so I reverted to automatic. I guess I'll find an MBAM forum and ask there. Thanks.
  14. Hello, I've just purchased a 3-year sub to ESET Internet Security (ver 13.2.150) for a new computer after having been away from most commercial products for some years. I also run MBAM Premium, which I installed before ESET with no problem. But MBAM wants to update, and can't install the update. The only thing I can think of is that ESET is blocking it. Can someone help me resolve this issue?
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