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  1. Thank you, if that's exactly what I meant. So if the programming did not change, if the way of working changed. Previously, I noticed that if the update task had not been executed within 60 minutes of the previous one because the PC was busy in a full screen application (game, movie, etc). As soon as I left the application, the search for updates occurred immediately. Not now, now if the last search was, for example, at 11:25 am and I use a program that requires full screen, and I exit the program at 2:45 pm, there is no immediate search for updates, despite more than one hour has
  2. Regards. I have a question about the configuration of scheduled tasks, specifically the one in charge of searching for virus definition updates. This task is scheduled to run every 60 minutes, but I remember that previously, if the task did not run at the scheduled time, it would run as soon as possible. Now the task is scheduled to run only at the scheduled time. Was it a deliberate change by ESET or is it a bug? I know I can change the programming myself, but I would like to know first what caused this change. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  3. Does this option no longer exist in the configuration? I always activated it after installing the program, now I can't find it.
  4. Regards. I would like to know if the Banking & Payment Protection secure browser works with the latest version of EDGE based on chromiun. Thanks in advance.
  5. Same detection. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\package\tmp\tenfoot\resource\layout\library\controller_sourcemode_switches.xml_;una variante de Generik.JYMBBNR troyano;desinfectado por eliminación
  6. Previously, I had also experienced the fact that the program did not update automatically, but doing a manual search solved it. What puzzles me about this case is that the manual search will not show the update. Maybe it has to do with windows 10, it has been less than a month that I migrated from windows 7 to this system and did a clean installation. Maybe that's why my father's PC was updated well, because he has a lot with Windows 10 installed and EIS working. I hope that the next update of the program is successful, otherwise I will consider formatting again.
  7. Clearing the cache made no difference. I suppose the records I attached were useless. Finally yesterday I uninstalled version 13.024.0 and installed the latest version ( without any problem.
  8. I use windows 10 home V 1909. I already have the records I request. Do I attach them here in the forum or should I send them to an email address?
  9. I have the same problem. I do a manual search for update and find nothing. On my father's PC the program was automatically updated.
  10. Regards. Today I received an alert from Eset saying that a file had been sent for analysis, the funny thing is that the file was no longer on my PC. I went to the event logs to obtain more information about this alert and I find many events that indicate that anonymous statistical information has been sent to eset, events that did not appear before. The strange thing is that I refuse to participate in the customer experience improvement program. What's up with that statistical information? Why is it sent even though you refuse to participate in the program?
  11. Well, I just wanted to say that the problems that were presented to me by connectivity are caused by the latest updates of windows 7, version 12.2.29 of ESET and other programs work without problems with the windows updates published until August.
  12. I want to rule out the possibility that version 12.2.29 is the cause of the problems that were presented to me in some programs to connect to the internet. I was using version 12.2.23 until Tuesday that the windows update was not successful. Then reinstall windows 7 and all windows updates were smooth, but the above problem arose about the inability to connect to the internet in programs such as autocad, arcgis and steam. Right now I am formatting the PC again, since I uninstalled Eset to try the mentioned version, but something went wrong that the computer took a long time to turn on. So
  13. I want to go back to version 12.2.23, but when downloading the program from the eset page the name of the file is this: legacy_eis_nt64.exe I don't remember that name was that the first time I downloaded it.
  14. I'm sorry, I worried when I realized that I didn't know if by clicking on "keep rules" I had made a mistake and it was my first reaction.
  15. The one that will enter the advanced configuration of ESET and choose the option to restore the program default values, does not affect the records requested?
  16. I guess it must have been something caused by the last update of the program, since I have the firewall in automatic mode and I never change anything in the firewall configuration.
  17. Just received the same notice, I would like to know what it means. Without thinking carefully I chose to keep the rules, but I don't know if it was good or bad.
  18. I have used ESET products since 2008, and despite some minor errors in operation and changes in the product that I did not like, it is the most trusted antivirus that inspires me.
  19. Thanks for your reply. Personally, I don't trust microsoft antivirus, so I was surprised when I read the news of the results of AV-TEST and entered the page to see the results personally. And I was very surprised that ESET, given its importance and popularity was not analyzed. I didn't know that AV-TEST charges to scan the antivirus, excuse me.
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