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  1. Please fix this, it´s a little annoying, i´m receiving constantly the eset live grid notification.
  2. When you format a PC you don´t waste time uninstalling ESET..... Why don´t you simply remove old devices without connection in for example 1 or 2 months? As i said i have at least 10 old devices. I could have been banned without reason.
  3. Today I try the new license manager, and when I enter it a funny thing occurs. It says that my license is over-used and a lot of repeated pc appears. My-PC, My-PC1,My-PC2..... So every time I format my pc, the license manager creates a new PC!! So I have 1 license for 1 pc and the manager was counting at least 10 pc. Luckily eset didn´t blacklisted me! I have deleted all the repeated pcs, and now it´s OK.
  4. Updated today to the new Eset So far so good. It appears to be loading much faster than the version which takes more than 30 seconds and also the command window has dissapeared. Thank you, eset team.
  5. At least can you remove the annoying command window? As the splash screen can be disabled.
  6. I will try it later. Hope they remove the command window at least.
  7. Ok, so Its time to uninstall Eset and change to another antivirus, or simply the windows defender security center. That behaviour is not acceptable to me. Thanks for this years of protection.
  8. Hi. I´m trying the new Eset and i´m really angry. 1. Time to load windows: less than 10 seconds. Time to load Eset once desktop is loaded: 30 seconds. 2. I have to wait that 30 seconds for the eset icon to appear on the system tray. (Nonsense) 3. The Eset splash screen also appears 30 seconds later, when i´m already working in other things. (Nonsense) 4. A command windows appear and dissapear every time i boot up my pc, loaded by eset. (Nonsense) I know you had to change the behavior in order to acquire Microsoft certification, but i´m sure you can change the delay in the appearance of the system tray icon and the splash screen, and also the annoying command window. If Eset is going to turn into a disturbing software I will have to move to Windows Defender Security Center wich is free and it´s not disturbing nor causing troubles. Don´t play with customers and listen to us.
  9. Ok, so if my pc loads the desktop inmediatly after entering the password, why the hell i have to wait 30 seconds for the eset icon to appear in the system tray? This is not a small delay, this is a BIG one. Also the eset splash screen is disturbing because in 30 seconds my pc open all i want and i´m already working. And what about the command window?It´s also a Microsoft requeriment? Very bad Eset.....don´t play with us. We are your customers. We want fast and not disturbing software. You have time to fix that before the final release. I´m sure you can find a workaround.
  10. Ey!! What happen to the new version of Eset than 10 seconds to boot up my windows 10 pc and when i´m on the desktop, it takes 30 seconds to load the new eset not to mention the annoying command window...............common eset, are you serious? If that´s your way I will have to move to Windows Defender Security Center wich is free and it´s not disturbing nor causing troubles.
  11. It has to be an eset bug. I change the password, and inmediately the unknown device appears. Only my laptop is connected with that new password! it´s imposible someone hack a strong key in seconds.
  12. I have a question. This days i´m passing some days in my parents house. Here, the Eset network protection finds a strange device: If I enter into the router in the DCHP list I can´t see that MAC or this device. Maybe someone is attacking my wifi? I set a new WPA2-PSK, AES encryption password,with 25 characters with numbers, letters and symbols. WPS disabled. I think it´s impossible someone has my password, even having changed it 30 minutes ago. Thanks
  13. I have news. The license works on eset 9 if I install the english version. But i´m not english so I want the spanish version which gives the ACT.34 error on the activation process.
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