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  1. Hi, since I seemingly cant edit my post here is an update: After purging ESET and re-installing it somehow file detection works, it cleans the EICAR file. However webcontrol still is not working and I can load all pages even though certain should be blocked.
  2. Hi I am running Eset Endpoint on the newest ESMC console and I am currently testing a Ubuntu install on LTS 20.04. I have installed Eset Endpoint 7 o the system and it seems it is running fine, however it is not doing anything. I can download and open the EICAR file and the webfilter does not block any pages - I have setup a simple rule to block a specific page and it is always loading. I have about 4 years experience with ESET via ESMC/ERA and this is really driving me nuts.... Installation: Ubuntu LTS 20.04 on HyperV running Azure Kernel Console output which implies the install seems to be correct: systemctl status eea.service ● eea.service - ESET Endpoint Antivirus Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/eea.service; enabled; vendor preset: e> Active: active (running) since Mon 2020-08-03 21:12:08 CEST; 34s ago Process: 8657 ExecStartPre=/opt/eset/eea/lib/install_scripts/check_start.sh> Process: 9350 ExecStartPost=/bin/sleep 2 (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Process: 9374 ExecStartPost=/opt/eset/eea/lib/install_scripts/launch_gui_al> Main PID: 9349 (startd) Tasks: 35 (limit: 1001) Memory: 279.5M CGroup: /system.slice/eea.service ├─9349 /opt/eset/eea/sbin/startd ├─9352 /opt/eset/eea/lib/logd ├─9353 /opt/eset/eea/lib/sysinfod ├─9354 /opt/eset/eea/lib/updated ├─9355 /opt/eset/eea/lib/licensed ├─9356 /opt/eset/eea/lib/confd ├─9362 /opt/eset/eea/lib/oaeventd └─9373 /opt/eset/eea/lib/scand Any ideas?
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