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  1. Hii According to this article: https://www.eset.com/us/about/newsroom/corporate-blog/growing-your-security-suite-with-enhanced-threat-detection-1/ Eset EDTD is now available for on premise users and non Enterprise license volumes. I have updated ESMC to ESET Protect server, updates my endpoints ans EDTD works fine on the endpoints (non servers) but I get a licensing error on my servers (EDTD is not licensed) - I noticed the workstations being already 8.1 and the serves still 8.0 - is that the reason? Licenses type is: ESET endpoint + file security thx
  2. Hi I just spent a day looking after our 10GB performance of our server. Something seemed odd and iperf showed max. 1,8Gbps on average instead of the expected 4-5gbps. After screwing around with NIC settings, scratching my head and then checking SRIOV without getting anywhere i removed ESF and tadaaa 4,5gbps via iperf. I found this thread: has there been any resolution for it, has anyone tried installing ESF without Network protection? thx
  3. Hi, I guess I am using an older V6 profile then? EDIT: Yes that's it! - I created that profile last year and just re-assigned it to the new Ubuntu VM. The new V7+ profile doesn't have that setting...
  4. Hi Thx everyone to keep the topic up. Iwas bus and just checked the status of ESET on my Ubuntu 20.04 LTS install. The notifications from ESET show up correct, that is nice now. The GUI lacking is well, unusal ut for now this isn't too bad for me. However the webfilter still is not functional for me - I can browser any site which is under the "denied" group in my ESMC policy and the exact same setting work just fine on any Windows installation. What kind of logs are needed to resolve this?
  5. Hi, since I seemingly cant edit my post here is an update: After purging ESET and re-installing it somehow file detection works, it cleans the EICAR file. However webcontrol still is not working and I can load all pages even though certain should be blocked.
  6. Hi I am running Eset Endpoint on the newest ESMC console and I am currently testing a Ubuntu install on LTS 20.04. I have installed Eset Endpoint 7 o the system and it seems it is running fine, however it is not doing anything. I can download and open the EICAR file and the webfilter does not block any pages - I have setup a simple rule to block a specific page and it is always loading. I have about 4 years experience with ESET via ESMC/ERA and this is really driving me nuts.... Installation: Ubuntu LTS 20.04 on HyperV running Azure Kernel Console output which implies the install seems to be correct: systemctl status eea.service ● eea.service - ESET Endpoint Antivirus Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/eea.service; enabled; vendor preset: e> Active: active (running) since Mon 2020-08-03 21:12:08 CEST; 34s ago Process: 8657 ExecStartPre=/opt/eset/eea/lib/install_scripts/check_start.sh> Process: 9350 ExecStartPost=/bin/sleep 2 (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Process: 9374 ExecStartPost=/opt/eset/eea/lib/install_scripts/launch_gui_al> Main PID: 9349 (startd) Tasks: 35 (limit: 1001) Memory: 279.5M CGroup: /system.slice/eea.service ├─9349 /opt/eset/eea/sbin/startd ├─9352 /opt/eset/eea/lib/logd ├─9353 /opt/eset/eea/lib/sysinfod ├─9354 /opt/eset/eea/lib/updated ├─9355 /opt/eset/eea/lib/licensed ├─9356 /opt/eset/eea/lib/confd ├─9362 /opt/eset/eea/lib/oaeventd └─9373 /opt/eset/eea/lib/scand Any ideas?
  7. Hi Marcos Its all SSD and I am sure that the disks aren't the limiting factor here. Can I change the standard interval via ESMC or do I need to go to the GUI?
  8. Hi Every once in a while ESET File Sec. does a scan of all the files on the file server. However this takes about 36 hours for the 100 million files and it is reading them at around 500 - 700 files/s. The array is capable of reading about 10 to 20 times of that data on a pure 100% random read - so ESET could go a lot faster and the CPU load is not even 100% on a single thread. Is there any way to release the brakes of ESET a little bit to get that finished within a day?
  9. Hi I have Eset Endpoint Advanced license purchased2 years ago and valid until 2020 and when I activate Eset Dynamic Threat Defense it's says it is not licensed. How can I upgrade my license so that threat defense works?
  10. I am logged in as Administrator - should that not be elevated enough 😀 ? The folder: C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET File Security\Diagnostics is completely empty. OK, I changed that but I still don't see any dump files in the diagnostic folders.
  11. Hi, thx for your help. However procdump reports "access denied" when I try the command
  12. Hi! We have 3 Windows 2012 server running ESET File server Security v. 7.0.12016. On one server the Windows service "ESET service" keeps restarting in a loop and the ESET GUI does not load . In EMC the server is listed as "security product not running". I tried removing ESET File Security on that server via Software->remove and reinstalling it with an AIO installer but both methods failed. Any suggestions here how to fix this? I am afraid that when I use the uninstaller tool in Windows safe mode it will also remoce the ESET EMC which is alos installaed on that very server. thx for any help
  13. I also had issues with persistent old ERA entry and no new v7 product would install. Additionally uninstall of v6 ERA failed even manually. But the new ERA .577 installed just fine after clearing the above posted reg-keys and after that Endpoint Sec. also installed without a hitch. Finally!
  14. Yea I use a proxy. One possibility would be trigger 1 PC 1st and then the others like 10 minutes later. Whats the std update cycle time for the signature updates?
  15. Thx, but it doesnt pop up n this search: hxxp://support.eset.com/search/?search=+module+update+hourly
  16. Hi Well the title pretty much says it whats the best way to update the virus signature every hour? My best idea was a task via cron - but does that overload my internet connection if all clients update at the exact same time?
  17. Hi Some of our PCs use Thunderbird for emails. Since Thunderbird isn't officially supported AV pops up with found viruses inside Thunderbird's folder and file structure - deleting those file would sometimes result in loss of emails. So the way to go would be an exception for AV scan but since the users differ the path would also be different for each user. So I came up with an exception path like this: C:\Users\*\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\*.* Would that work?
  18. @dafaher I only have this problem with transfer speeds above 30Mb/s. Normal internet browsing is limited to 5MB/s - so I don't see any issued here... @zfactor What dioyou mean by clean install? - a clean Windows install? - that would be an insane task to solve this issue. Or do you mean clean ESET re-install by using removal utility an removing and reinstalling network drivers and at the end reinstall ESET?
  19. Hi, Sorry for the late answer but I have been quite busy. I want our servers to be as secure as the client PCs and for me it comes naturally to use a firewall on the server too. I know Windows Server has its own firewall but so does Win 7, 8 and 10 - and by having a built in firewall with security products like ESET it does provide centralizes management which is great. Could you please elaborate why you think a Server does not need a firewall? - I just can't think of a reason why a server just shouldn't be as secure as client endpoints :-) Maybe they can't make high performance firewall for server Kinda doubt it :-) - probably most people use either Windows FW or a separate product tailored to their need...ah well
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