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  1. Also what is going on with uTorrent? A potentially unwanted box shows up saying saying ML/Augur is detected in a "file". It doesn't state what file is. I've clicked clean and now looking at the logs, it has deleted uTorrent...
  2. Hi, I just installed a trial version of Eset 13 and rebooted. Upon reboot, It says Eset needs your attention. The credentials used to access Eset Live Grid are not correct. Any ideas?
  3. I completely agree with that - a documented answer would help. As I said, it's not only 1 month but the poor results have been consistent for a while now.
  4. We can all agree that Eset rarely has false positives. The problem is the detection which are worrying.
  5. You do raise a valid point there, however, It's not a one off result from AV Comparatives. How come the other AV vendors consistently get a good score on AV-Comparatives compared to ESET?
  6. Another poor result from Eset... fourth from bottom. hxxp://chart.av-comparatives.org/chart1.php?chart=chart2&year=2017&month=11&sort=1&zoom=4
  7. In the Update Tab you could quickly see the number of the "Virus signature database" version in previous version. Now you have to click there on "Show all modules" and look at the first item "Detection Engine". There was also a link to VirusRadar with the latest virus signature database update which was useful when it showed the added detections of each update. Will that be coming back?
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