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  1. Teamviewer is automatically protected by 2Factor Authentication. when i log into my Teamviewer account it asks for permission to allow device. so i am safe? the email account is protected by 2FA
  2. hello everyone of ESET Forum i have a Counter strike Cloud server in johannesburg > hxxp://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ the cloud account is secured by 2FA and the Teamviewer is secured 100% properly i read on google that having VPN Driver installed can compromise a pc's security... i have a secure password on my Teamviewer in the cloud. is it a good idea to use Teamviewer to access windows server 2019? the only ports opened on the server is 27015 TCP/UDP.
  3. i re installed my pc and recovered all my accounts i bought ESET internet security and Malwarebytes.
  4. unfortunately the virus came from Dubbed anime dot Net i wanted to watch the digimon movies. i wish i had 200 US dollars to buy all 9 digimon movies from amazon.
  5. i think the Trojan ran away with its tail between its legs.. i scanned with RKill. i scanned with hitman pro it found no threats i scanned with zemana no threats i blocked the Virus with eset i scanned with malwarebytes 4.0 no threats so ? is the virus gone or is it hiding in my pc ?
  6. i turned off ESET protection to access a website... the website had a trojan and the trojan got into my pc how do i get the trojan out my windows pc ?
  7. Turns out the problem was "VODACOM'S Proxy Server" is not working... Apparently ESET Update files Are cached in their network i think and the File is corrupted :/ i was updating through VODACOM LTE with my HUAWEI b525
  8. Now the ESET Online Scanner refuses to Update itself PLZ HELP I THINK I HAVE A REALLY TERRIBLE VIRUS IN MY PC
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