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  1. I have had no issue whatsoever seeing the "Refer a friend" on all gui screens since day 1. I thought I read (somewhere in the Forum...just after v12s release) that some folks in other countries (i.e... Australia, if I recall correctly) were not seeing it. I am in the USA and am using a legitimate license. Regards, Tom
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    You'll find many answers to your questions at the ESET Support Knowledgebase https://support.eset.com/ For your issue see https://support.eset.com/kb2155/ Regards, Tom
  3. Hello KOR. From your main ESET gui, go to help and support. There you'll see...... (as shown below). Regards, Tom
  4. TomFace

    Renewal Questions

    Bob ... Yes...keep your eyes open for deals (like at Amazon...I always have a few extra licenses on hand...just in case). Even an old version key will allow you to get the latest version. With my current machine count, the license manager gains me no benefit, so someone else will have to expound on that topic. see https://my.eset.com/Home/License?stscheck=OAA2AGYAOQA4AGYAOQBlAC0ANQAyADQANAAtADQAYwBiADQALQBhAGUAYgA1AC0AMgA3AGIAOQA2ADMAOAAyADcAYwA3ADAA Regards, Tom
  5. TomFace

    Renewal Questions

    Hello BobU. What I would do is wait till the day before your licenses expire and then activate your new one. What you have to realize is if you bought a 3 license product, once activated, the clock starts ticking on all the product. I myself do not use the ESET License Manager (don't need or want it). I've been told that if I input a new license key, it will extend your license "after" your current expiration date. That was not the case when I redid my license around Christmas (no big deal as I probably lost about $.45 USD). When in doubt, contact your ESET agent (wherever you may be) and take notes. Regards, Tom
  6. TomFace

    Introduce yourself

    Welcome Catzus. glad you are here. Regards, Tom
  7. TomFace

    Introduce yourself

    It's not the end of the world...just glad you are back. Regards, Tom
  8. TomFace

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone! Regards, Tom
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    Introduce yourself

    Hello Matt glad you joined the Forum (again). But I'm getting a feeling of déjà vu...see https://forum.eset.com/topic/10174-introduce-yourself/?do=findComment&comment=29068 *********************************************************************** ISHOULI, this is an English language forum (except in the Slovak & Czech sections). You'll get a better response posting in English. Also, I'm not sure if chrlshlmn will look for your response to a post he made over 5 years ago . *********************************************************************** Regards, Tom
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    Thanks to ESET and the forum

    Your post is very refreshing and spot on. You too have a Happy New Year🙌. Best regards to you and yours, Tom
  11. See "household" & "friends and family" https://www.eset.com/us/home/smart-security-premium/ and https://www.eset.com/us/home/multi-device-security/ Regards, Tom
  12. Not sure what to tell you about that as I run on v12. The ESET Mods will have to address that as I cannot. Sorry. Regards, Tom
  13. Hello Martin. I guess you have a couple choices. You can look around (Amazon, Newegg...etc...I'd avoid eBay) to see if you can find a good deal on a 5 license package (just don't forget to check ESET's store https://www.eset.com/us/home-store/ ). Or you could also contact ESET sales in San Diego (I do believe they handle Canada) at 1-844-824-3738 M-F 6AM-5PM PT and see what kind deal they can do you. The order you choose to do this process in is up to you. It's not a dilemma, just do your homework and you'll be fine. Regards, Tom
  14. TomFace

    Merry Christmas

    I'd like to wish all the ESET Administrators, Moderators, Staff, Associates, Partners, Forum members and guests (including all the families) a Merry Christmas. Have a peaceful and joyous holiday Best regards, Tom
  15. Hello Robert_S. See if this KB offers any help (just work in reverse). https://support.eset.com/kb2815/ Regards, Tom
  16. TomFace

    Merry Christmas

    C#, I love a fine wine, the problem is the headache I get afterwards, so no wine for me. We had our traditional kielbasa (with HOT horseradish of course) and pierogis last night. Today will be Swiss steak with something...not sure of the additions at this time. Wesołych Świąt Best regards, Tom
  17. TomFace

    Unable to activate my license

    I would say wait a bit and try again. Here's a link to the KB on activation errors. https://support.eset.com/kb2434/#act Also there is a process to activating a 3 pack....see #20 in https://support.eset.com/kb2393/#question20 Regards, Tom
  18. I'm with C#...I have a lifetime MBAM Prem license, but since they went to v3 it all went down hill (MBAM Prem v3 actually prevented my internet connection...so I guess that's an issue). I trust ESET. That being said, I do have HitmanPro as well (NOT HitmanPro.Alert). I also have EEK on board just in case, but ESET is the main work horse. No A/V program is 100%, hence a layered approach (used selectively) is my choice. Regards, Tom
  19. TomFace

    Question about purchasing product key card

    Go for it and good luck. Have a good holiday!
  20. TomFace

    Question about purchasing product key card

    You also might want to nose around Amazon as there are bargains to be had. Of course check the ESET store website as well just to be sure. https://www.eset.com/us/home-store/
  21. TomFace

    Question about purchasing product key card

    That's what it appears you purchased. Most likely it will only be the product key(s). Not having the CD is not a big deal as you should download the latest version (live or offline) from the ESET website. https://support.eset.com/kb3418/ Of course, you'll know for sure once you get the item in the mail, if the item delivered is indeed what you thought you purchased. I've seen cases where it has been different.
  22. The OP did not say it was an initial scan. If your scan is taking 2.4 hours for 380K items, that's too long. On my machine, a smart scan took 22.5 minutes to scan 247K items. Regards, Tom
  23. From time to time, my In-depth scan does seem to hang up as well (7+ hours...once I detect it I stop it). My normal In-depth scan takes 3-3.5 hours and scans about 2.2M items. With more recent EIS versions (v11 forward), my scan time grew about an hour. Regards, Tom
  24. TomFace

    Introduce yourself

    Howdy Dan, glad you joined us. Enjoy your visits. Regards, Tom
  25. TomFace

    Happy Thanksgiving

    To the ESET Mods, staff, forum members and visitors who celebrate it, I wish a Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful for what you have as others have much less. Regards, Tom