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  1. Welcome kllwk1! Glad you are here . Retirement can be a good thing (I know as I did my time ).
  2. Hello Daigokaujin and welcome. You'll find lots of good information here and a ton of help when you need it!
  3. Hello klv12gcn...glad you found us . You might consider updating your Smart Security 4, current version is 7 and 8 (I believe) is available in beta.
  4. Hello and welcome Dawmyc-go ahead and post your question I am sure someone will be able to help you! And hello Brian815 and Valinorum-glad you joined us.
  5. Hello Werner, blankslate, kathyhl and marry_smith. Glad you all joined us. Sorry for my tardiness, I've been away.
  6. Hello and welcome ESSfan. Glad you are here.
  7. Hello and welcome gfkerop. I think you'll find an entertaining and informative group of folks here.
  8. Hello and welcome Angie! Sorry for my tardiness. Glad you're here.
  9. Howdy Gourcuff, glad you could make it! B)
  10. Hello LezSee-glad you joined us. B)
  11. Hello Dave and welcome! Glad you're here. B)
  12. Tweak Arena, did you vote? See below: https://forum.eset.com/topic/1651-tray-menu-options-poll/
  13. Very good you two! Good information.
  14. Hello Ryan-glad you are here! B)
  15. Hello and welcome Jabeen Ali-we are happy you have joined us. Much knowledge is available here. I am looking forward to reading your posts.
  16. Hello Nizrax000 and welcome-glad you're here!
  17. Yes! Hello bluwiz and Arby. Welcome. B)
  18. Janus and Arakasi are spot-on. Lord knows I have much to learn, but the "plug and play" folks have a bit more to figure out.
  19. Welcome clydeman, Jes and Bob. Glad you joined us (or came back home as the case may be) B) .
  20. Welcome bassfisher6522-like Arakasi said subs should be a bit faster. I think you'll be pleased with ESET and the support that comes with it, not to mention this forum. Got questions? Just ask away....
  21. Hello and welcome karlisi, cpagee, fred and turgenjev1-glad all of you joined us . Looking forward to your postings. Sorry for my tardiness-been busy but I see Arakasi, Janus and SweX were johnny-on-the-spot!
  22. Welcome back TJP (aka Travis)! Looking forward to reading your posts as I am sure you have much to contribute. B)
  23. Hello manOFpeace, darren and Khael_S! Welcome to the "Land of knowledge" (and some opinion).
  24. Hello and welcome Cthulhu. It's good to meet you! Looking forward to reading your posts.
  25. Hello Duncan, welcome aboard! Glad to see someone else who has life experience. B)
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