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  1. Well, that seems to have done it.. Just adjustet the time and now it works Now i can visit home.eset.com Thank you for the help
  2. When i try to login to home.eset.com on my computer, my browser goes into a loop, but is not able to go to the site. Now i have tried with both Chrome and Firefox and same thing happens. Cleared browser cache and delete everything, still not working. Am i the only one having this issue?? Just tried from my mobile phone and that seems to works. But still it would be nice to go to home.eset.com from computer. Could you see if it works for you? Thank you in advance
  3. Looking forward to an update Founding this thread gives me some peace, because i was also one of those who does not sleep well when my ESET not works as it should..
  4. Im aware of the data mining and etc..but comon. Its my choice to use Chrome and be looked over the shoulder everywhere. But that dont have anything to do with Chrome suggests removing Eset Security. I mean, "someone" could choose to get rid of Eset and stick with Chrome..? ..i guess its not in the best interest of Eset? I had hope that this thread would help me to get those 2 apps to work together, not choose Eset over Chrome or whatever. If anyone has a fix for this, i would be very happy. Thanks
  5. Dump Chrome? You make it sound like its normal behavior..? Im aware that Eset and google cooperate together, so that makes me wonder even more. No i use chrome as my favorite browser of all time. I dont care that its chromes fault or for that matter Eset who is to blame. I need to draw attention to this problem, cause its NOT normal and should not be present! So Eset should contact google and work it out, not me..
  6. Chrome build 76.0.3809.87 Flags Eset Security and suggest it to be removed, Why? This is not the first time and i believe that it may cause some BSOD sometimes. Are you guys not talking together?? Google/Eset
  7. Well i changed my mind.. I can't live without Google Chrome and will rely on Windows Defender, so sadly ESET Smart Security must go.. So long.. It has been 11 great years with ESET but you left me and other users behind.. My license runs out in a month and i wont renew it this time. You had the chance to sort things out with Google but instead you just blame Google and that leaves me frustrated. I trusted you to make me feel safe in every way... I know Google is the one i should blame, but they have the upper right-hand now, so please understand my choise. Bye
  8. Tired of seeing BSOD on my computer. Installed firefox and would be happy if someone could give some heads up when chrome is updated and not causing problems anymore.. thx in advance.
  9. If i was ESET i would be concerned about Google Chrome suggest my customers to remove the product that pays my bills.. Still don't understand? Use Firefox and ?
  10. Then your not helping in any way on this matter.....
  11. If Google Chrome tell me i should remove ESET Smart Security, it would think it's a problem for ESET? We are your customers, right? You have to clear it out with Google, if you ask me ?
  12. I read somewhere that ESET and Google teamed up about some security in Chrome.. In that case, Google should give you guys some insider preview, if you ask me Well, i dont blame you/eset...its just because i think somethings wrong with my Smart Security software every time the banking and payment dont work.
  13. Banking and Payment protection Non-functional - Again? Wtf, is this is going to be a thing that always will be behind or what? I mean, chrome updates, = Banking and Payment protection Non-functional You make it work with chrome Version 64.0.3282.140 and as soon it gets updated, we are back to basic again...?!
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