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  1. Hello and welcome Jerome. Glad you're here -lots of knowledgeable folks here who can answer your questions.
  2. Well that's your choice. To me, it sounds like a bad idea.
  3. Unsure what you mean....or are after.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum Alec. You are a good man to care for your wife and yes Parkinson's disease is one of the many cruel diseases. I hope we lighten your load somewhat. Were you with any bands we may know? Just curious. In the famous words of Ish Kabibble.... "Roses are red / Violets are blue / If skunks had a college / They'd call it P.U." See you around and take care!
  5. Welcome Master_CGM. Your English is fine.
  6. Hello and welcome Sicilia42. We're glad you are here.
  7. Hello RaiderRed. Glad you're back and here as well.
  8. Hello and welcome Christopher.A. Glad you are here.
  9. Yup...I gotta watch my nephew
  10. Howdy mkataro! Welcome to the forum.
  11. Welcome K.amanda and Tabeer. Suggestions? Just stay tuned as there's always something going on and utilize the ESET knowledgebase. It's very helpful. hxxp://support.eset.com/?segment=home You can also search this forum (using key words) as many things have been previously discussed.
  12. Hello HansD glad you are here! Hope your question was answered.
  13. Hello James and Szymon. Glad you could join us!
  14. When I want to do so, I just include an EDIT note at the end of my edit. _________________________________________________________ 7-12-15 9:47AM EDIT: added edit note
  15. I don't believe that has (yet) been implemented-send your request via PM to a Moderator.
  16. Hello and welcome kuyenmotdivad.
  17. I'd keep an eye on Newegg. I seem to recall they run good deals (at times).
  18. Welcome Matt-you'll find this forum an interesting place and very informative! I'm glad you're here.
  19. The password I can reset-the real issue is what e-mail address did I use? I use quite a few disposable addresses. Still looking... Finally gave up and e-mailed for the info-I'm in! Yeah me too-but I was a small minnow...
  20. Gold stars!? I think I can find my Wilders password-it's here somewhere... ...maybe.
  21. Howdy dom1da. Good to finally meet you as I have seen you around here.
  22. Welcome ucvijan. It's good you could join us. Yes this forum is full of very smart folks (and a few folks like myself ). But anyway, it's a good place to be. Looking forward to reading your posts.
  23. Hello and welcome SMurillo! Glad you are here.
  24. Hello and welcome paskal and kevinf80 (fyi-I know all about TIAs). Glad you are here. Sorry for my tardy welcome-I just got the e-mail notification that there was a new posting .
  25. Hello Tani. ___________________________________________ Update 11-28-14: Thank you Arakasi-point well made.
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