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  1. Evening of 4/16/2019 I was attempting to update my Eset license from the Eset form when my computer taken over by some outfit I don't recognize. they told me that Eset was not supporting Windows 7 any longer. And they had a program that will change my computer to accept this new program that will allow Eset to work on windows 7. They then opened my computer to them selves and told me of all the programs that Microsoft was not supporting any longer. After some time they offered me an antivirus program that had all the bells and whistles for $199 for one year, $299 for two years and $499 for three years. They said they would clean my computer and speed up my computer. I told them I would no longer use Eset and I would go else where for an antivirus program. I got kind of upset over this as I have been a Eset user for a long time and suspicious of the hurry up and sign deal and decided to contact Eset again. I did and was able to buy a new license for 2019. So that thing that happened last night was FUBAR. I haven't an idea how they could just jump in and say that Eset was no longer supporting Windows 7. How can that happen? Oh by the way the operator said he was located in Dayton Ohio. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has this happened too? John Ross
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