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  1. Forgot about iOS operating in 'sandboxes' so ESET would not work. Thanks all.
  2. I already know about ESET for Android, I am asking why no ESET for iPhone.
  3. There is ESET for Android (which is Linux based), why no ESET for the iPhone (which is iOS just like MAC)? Problem caused by Apple?
  4. Their excuse for Chrome is that Chrome changes too often. They refuse to get with Google and publish a Chrome Add-On to run the backing option, I've suggested this several times.
  5. You-all can ignore my original post. Did not realize that the ESET/Chrome window is a totally separate iteration of Chrome. I can use Chrome password feature without effecting my normal Chrome settings/extensions. Sorry about my confusion
  6. ESET Internet Security just updated to version 10.0.390.0 and Banking Protection now works with Chrome version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit). BUT, my Extensions are not available in the ESET/Chrome page AND the extension I really need cannot be added.
  7. Running Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit), ESET Smart Security 10.0.369.0, and Banking Protection mode still NOT working Reminder, Banking Protection DOSE work in IE11. Peter: "Service release" in Chrome or ESET Smart Security? Please check.
  8. Recently switched from Firefox to Chrome v54 64bit browser. ESET Banking Protection does NOT work in Chrome. It DOES work in IE11. Already contacted ESET Support on this issue, suggesting they add "ESET Banking Protection" extension via Chrome Store. Chrome Store already has the "ESET Social Media Scanner." Anyone else found a solution?
  9. I have ESET NOD32 v9.0.349.14 64bit Any special protections against ransomware
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