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  1. Break in again, but why do other AV vendors have the option implemented in their AV suite for Consumers and Eset only wants to apply it for business users only ? If ESET wants the Endpoint protection as their core business i can understand that, but stop with stripped consumer versions and switch to Endpoint protection only or offer Endpoint protection to Consumers to.
  2. Your website is still infected, i checked with other AV program and its not just ESET that blocks it.
  3. I understand what you are saying, but people rely on their AV program to intercept any suspicious file. If they do not see the double extention, and think its a .pdf they are infected. So in my opinion a AV program should block these immediately. Thats why File Insight or a Sonar like active protection module should be in place to intercept any suspicious file.
  4. i get your comment, you work for eset, the point is Eset lacks a good behaviour blocker that works together with the firewall. And linux/mirai is indeed the name of the file, but detected with Sonar, If Sonar is enabled ALL users of Norton are protected regardless if they received the signatures or not. Thats what @wraith is trying to point out, if Eset does not detect by received signatures the virus or malware slips through the security, there is no active BB or online check active or the online check is hibernating and not active, i personally never seen the behaviour blocker of Eset in action ( im an active malware tester ).
  5. Correct Sonar blocks and stops the thread happening and deletes the file, rates the risk of the file. If ESET could implement a system like this, all areas are covered, signatures and without signatures.
  6. If Eset had a similar system like Nortons Sonar, the sample would have been detected.
  7. The guy/girl who reported is gone here, had his/her account removed.
  8. You can not expect support to be here all the time, those people have private lives too. So please dont be so impatient!
  9. When you install ESET you need to register with a mailadres and a password, the program tells you those are incorrect.
  10. Your answer is in the screenshot : You use incorrect credentials.
  11. Hi All ! L0ckJaw here, i am a Microsoft professional and living in the Netherlands. I am also a Malware tester for the Malwaretips community, and so far ESET did very good. Love ESET because of its lightness, great signatures. Keep up the good work!
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