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  1. Hello, thank you for your answer. Tried it and tried to start backups manually, seems it's ok now. Will wait to 6pm for automatic backup. Thank you so much.
  2. Hello, I'm user of Cyber Security Pro in Slovak language on my MacBook Pro 2017 with latest High Sierra. For backups I'm using Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner (scheduled to 6pm everyday). It backups to Synology DS216play. Using version 6.5.4321 (tried to update to newer version but it still shows me my version is latest) Everytime backup starts (6pm) my macbook freezes after some minutes. There is no freeze if ESET is turned off. Tried to contact support of Carbon Copy Cloner, they did some tests with me and problem is with ESET (more apps like spotify, 1password etc. freeze because of ESET). Support told me that I must write to ESET support so I'm trying it here and they extracted spindump with 30 affected processes for ESET support (see attachment) Can you help me please? Thank you. ESET-affected processes.txt
  3. I already unchecked external HDD but it still check it :-)
  4. Hello, thank you so much. I understand but is there any way to turn off scanning only for 1 external drive? For example I don't want to scan my external drive but I want to scan all external USB sticks and other external hdd. Thank you
  5. Hi, using trial version of ESET Cyber Security on MacBook 2015 (MacOS Sierra latest official). Until I installed ESET, safari blocks a lot of pages.. It shows me only "Safari cannot open the page because connection lost".. Surfing via Chrome works fine. Any solution? Don't have any websites in blacklist.. For example, can't open telekom.sk, apple.com or my router admin panel on hxxp:// If I turn off eset, pages work fine. Thank you
  6. Hello, everytime I connect my external hd WD My Passport, ESET will start to scan it. It takes for a long time. Is there any way to disable scaning? Using latest Eset Cyber Security (trial version for now) Thank you
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