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  1. Thanks guys, I have found the solution but bit troublesome one though. First I had to disable gatekeeper and install CSP. it will run normally. once updated CSP will crash I have crash report. to make it work I have to restart MBP. esets_daemon has crashed and causes major system slow down on boot. I hope there will be some improvement when new version will come. crash log.txt
  2. I am facing this issue for almost 2 weeks now and I must have uninstall and install more than 50 times. I even reset my MBP to sierra. Currently, I have High Sierra. CSP works fine with Sierra and after I upgrade it to High Sierra it does not run and hangs the MBP 2017. I had to hard shut down my MBP for many times has it does not respond. Even installation is problematic some times without success. Likewise, uninstallation is problematic as it will restart the MBP without proper uninstallation. I have install the latest version downloaded from eset website. At installation I was not gr
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