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  1. otherwise click the Default button located at the bottom, it will revert all changes to default values and remove any custom tasks added by you.
  2. my guess is that the in-product update (if i'm saying it correctly) updates only the files in the Program Files folder, it doesn't recompile the msi file that is stored in C > Windows > Installer, that's why the repair option was missing after the auto update, and it came back after a clean install. if that's the case then it might be expected behaviour unless the dev team finds a way to recompile the msi file after a successful in-product update.
  3. so it's by design. thanks. any plans to change that behaviour? completely removing the product in order to repair (if the repair option from the uninstaller/control panel doesn't help) it is somewhat of time consuming. @itman after the auto-update i had the same options as your image and from my test by removing/reinstalling it, the "repair" button was returned by doing a complete removal using the safe mode uninstaller. and your MSI log entry perhaps is incorrect, mine reports the correct version. i cleared all temp files and started the uninstall just for the window to ap
  4. i downloaded and installed v14.1. everything went fine. after running the installer again i noticed that the option to repair the installation doesn't exist, it never existed even on v13 and the previous v14 release. is it by design that the installer doesn't have that option and i must perform the repair from the control panel > add/remove programs? my local support insisted that this option does exist. https://youtu.be/3Y44Q7xY5Z0
  5. if the link you mentioned is correct, visiting it returns "server not found" error. if the site was taken down a long time ago, means no webpage exists that could potentially infect a computer.
  6. btw with zoom i've always had problem using my headset and nobody could listen to me. although the headset was working fine in other apps, zoom couldn;t transmit my voice. so it might be a problem with zoom itself
  7. no problems at all. whenever i opened zoom, i allowed access to the camera and everything was working fine. i've set EIS to always ask me about camera access.
  8. what do you mean with this statement? Eset doesn't hack people if that's what you mean. if your internet/email provider was hacked, that has to do with their own security programs and protection tactics. having an AV installed on your pc can protect your pc/files only, not your internet provider.
  9. i don't think MichalJ was being suspicious, maybe curious as to why need a picture when you could have installed the program. as for the images in the help pages, even most of the pages for EIS don't have images. i suppose it all comes down to if there is a real need for images on all pages. as for this statement, people buy a product for the level of protection it offers, not if it looks pretty or not. personally i liked the UI of v8 and older but i don't mind the new makeover. i bought it for it's protection.
  10. startup scan occurs when the program downloads new definition updates. do you mean that you see the scan is happening all day every day or when the program has downloaded updates?
  11. do you by any chance mean "parental control" for tablets? if so, eset for android has parental control features https://www.eset.com/us/home/parental-control-android/
  12. eset detects it as win32/adware.opensupdater.hb https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/7dda7bfde43ef155be32f035d827a3b983bec591b6c1524c2d2a763e39ab5181/detection so it seems the application is not so innocent
  13. i return to my post. for the last 2-3 weeks, whenever i click an image from a post, it opens it in the whole tab as if i clicked "open link in new tab". Edge opens it in a floating state with an X to close the image viewer. i've cleared the FF history recently. as it seems, that bug returned. https://youtu.be/evtRhmDemvo
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