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  1. actually this is a really good idea. if it's possible, i'd love to see it implemented in the future.
  2. i agree with Marcos, the UI is almost the same since 2007 if im not mistaken. although it might be considered old and outdated, it very very functional and organized. because of that i was able to navigate myself around its options easily even though i hadn't used it for many years.
  3. in my case it does exist and these are its contents. pref("security.enterprise_roots.enabled", true, locked); this means that FF will read and use the certificates of the windows cert store (and perhaps its own from Mozilla as well)? so that's why i cant find the eset cert in the FF certificate store settings panel? eset no longer imports it there but FF will still use it as necessary by "seeing" the windows cert store. @Marcos am i understanding all these right?
  4. i've used the Eset products since i got my first pc back in 2007. after a 4.5 year gap from 2016 and a few years later that my pc died, i just returned to the product i trust and adore. easy and minimal interface yet powerful and full of options to suit every need. i highly recommend it! you wont be disappointed🤗
  5. hello, and welcome to the forum. unfortunately, there isn't a way to directly/permanently put a new topic to the top of the list so everyone can see it. however, when a topic gets a new answer, it goes directly to the top of the list, and it's visible by everyone. if you want to provide feedback for the development team, use this link. click> Home User & Small Office Support and then click> Other question or feedback (none of the above), and then fill in the fields and provide the feedback.
  6. blocking the read attribute of those files will prevent even the most critical functions of Windows OS
  7. having an entire OS on cloud automatically means to have a perfect internet connection. in greece vdsl (30 or 50 mbps) is not even on the 5% of the country's homes. we barely have 14mpbs on some areas. i prefer having my OS and programs offline and local on my hard disk.
  8. in case a user has 32bit OS, there is a limit to how much ram can be installed. anyway eset has always tried to keep the resources at a minimum level so the products can be as light as possible. also each year that the technology behind it's products is evolving there will be an slight increase to the required and in-use resources on the pc.
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