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  1. maybe it has to do with how the service counts days. for example i bought my license on September 5 2020 and it expires on September 6 2022. for some reason it adds one day on top of the day of the purchase. besides the "aesthetic", there's no problem with that.
  2. i reported something similar back in October as i stated there, it failed restoring a similar file although it was completed successfully judging by the restored drivers/programs. disabling the program's defenses can be a bit time consuming or a user might not want to disable them, can the logic behind HIPS be improved not to block such operations or not to interfere with them? back in 2015 i reported it again and was told that it would be fixed, i guess the fix isn't fully functional?
  3. if it shows xx.xx.19.xx then it must have updated successfully, otherwise i suppose you'd have visible problems. to be sure, when the next update gets released, you can download the file as i have mentioned above and upgrade it that way.
  4. go to advanced settings > device control > webcam protection and check the rules to see if you have enabled the notify option in some of them. that way Eset will notify you no matter if it's allowed or blocked.
  5. the xml data you posted confuse me, perhaps it's some upgrade path from one version to another. like going from A > B, B > C in order to reach the final version D. and avoid going from A > D directly. what does the program report when you open the about section as shown above in my image? if it's not then download and upgrade on top of the old one, it will maintain all settings and activation status.
  6. you don't mention the previous version, but showing could be old cached data, and then on a new check it retrieved the new version. what version does it show when you open the program and go to help and support section? also just because a new version is released it doesn't mean that ALL files/drivers etc. will have the same version number.
  7. on my pc it shows the same version as well. if you got a notification that the update was installed successfully, then don't worry. the article merely suggests to remove prior to updating it, if the user wants to remove it. it's not mandatory, otherwise they wouldn't have implemented the in-place update mechanism.
  8. you can just download the correct version and install it over the old one. it will upgrade it just fine. that's what i do
  9. i don't have chrome, but i suppose it's not too different from Edge. click the 3 dots and select settings, from there type in the search field background apps and see if it's enabled. i've noticed that this keeps some instances of Chrome running in the background, perhaps this triggered the notification, due to it checking for camera permissions perhaps.
  10. is the latest. it was released today. the support article wasn't updated yet it seems. download the latest nod32 update from here. download the live installer by clicking download for windows or click advanced download on the right and download the desired 32 or 64 bit version for the computer you want to install it to. https://www.eset.com/int/home/antivirus/download/
  11. that's the official app from Microsoft, of course it's safe to run it.
  12. i've never heard of such program, could you provide a link to the website hosting it?
  13. i have the same events listed but they start from 27/5. back then i had EIS, from 15/6 i upgraded to ESSP. ebehmoni_dll_events.rar
  14. i assume you have this option enabled or you didn't change it after installation, advanced settings > tools > microsoft windows update > critical updates. windows 10 offers all available and recommended updates for our computers. Silverlight doesn't appear on my pc as well because MS doesn't think it's required anymore (at least i haven't seen it as an optional update for many years now). after all on October later this year support for Silverlight will stop. personally i have selected the option "No Updates" on the advanced settings > tools > microsoft windows update cause i install everything that appears.
  15. perhaps some older versions were infected or the developers wrote them in a way that triggered the AV. it doesn't mean that once an app is bad it will always be bad. mistakes happen.
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