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  1. follow the instructions in this article on how to enter safe mode and uninstall the program using the removal tool Eset provides. https://support.eset.com/en/kb2289-uninstall-eset-manually-using-the-eset-uninstaller-tool then download it again from here https://www.eset.com/int/download-home/
  2. here's an example of one of those services on my pc.
  3. some of them might be located in the "view optional updates" section in Windows Update settings panel. in my case it shows Microsoft Silverlight ready to download but it doesn't appear in Windows Update. Silverlight is obsolete now and unnecessary now. i suspect that Eset pulls info from the Microsoft Catalog website and displays them. if you click "Check for Updates" in the Windows Update and it shows your device is up to date, then don't worry.
  4. real-time file system protection for example can't be disabled permanently as this will defeat the whole purpose of the program's protection. it's not recommended to completely disable the other modules unless you really know what you're doing as the system can get infected with serious malware.
  5. i watched the majority of your videos and all of them seem to me are meant to either scare or misinform others. i'm 1000% sure that google employees didn't harass you for over 6 years. you yourself said in the video that you inspected the webpage and also said "i don't know what all this is"
  6. it doesn't seem a legitimate product sold from Eset, i would recommend not to buy it. either locate a legitimate retailer with good reputation or buy it directly from eset
  7. just for future reference, i spoke with my local eset office (since i bought it directly from eset.com) and they are able to upgrade the key for a higher product by paying the respective price of course.
  8. no unless you specifically activate the ESET Anti-Theft feature on the product itself. if you worry about someone compromising the security of your accounts, use a service that provides secure passwords and stores them in a browser extension for example. also make use of two factor authentication whenever possible.
  9. how can someone activate the product with your email? do you know what's my email address? no, and you can't guess it. even if someone uses your email, you will get a message from ESET about a product that was activated, and if it wasn't you that made the transaction, tell them and they will take appropriate action. don't worry about it.
  10. unless the user is trying to cause our devices to blue screen, this bug is not related to ESET and it's something about the Windows OS only. Marcos see this the Windows bug will blue screen if the user tries to access the above destination on his pc. MS is aware of that.
  11. why would you try and provide a fake email then? the program asks for your email so it can activate the trial version. you can use your regular email and you'll be fine. if you're concerned about security issues, create a new email account just for the trial purposes.
  12. i'm curious, my license was bought for EIS and from the "change product" menu window i suppose i can also use NOD as well. my question is, is it possible to upgrade my license so i can use ESS, or would i have to buy a unique license for Smart Security specifically?
  13. i clicked them and they opened in english for me
  14. you mean the eset license? if the laptop can't boot at all, visit https://my.eset.com/ log in you'll be able to deactivate one seat. if you free one seat, the free one will remain available to be used to another machine. your working machine will be fine.
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