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    shocked gave kudos to CB530 in ESET Tech Support   
    Hello all, I'll be happy to speak to the concerns of Nate and any other would-be chat users here. The chat client that we use is BeyondTrust, formerly known as Bomgar. It's a very widely used chat client and a highly effective solution. 

    The Terms and Conditions that Nate points out here are not set by ESET. They are baked into the product by BeyondTrust. I have seen customers express concern around them before, and have looked into whether that wording can be changed, it cannot. As a Remote Help software vendor, BeyondTrust is clearly taking steps to ensure that there is no ambiguity around the fact that their software allows for remote control of the end-user's machine. We choose to use their product because it meets our needs in terms of abilities to service our customers, and as such this wording cannot be changed. 
    With that said, the way we have BeyondTrust configured, the customer must still agree to elevate privileges for their support agent before any remote help can be performed. So effectively the language cited here is given well in advance of the support agent having the capability to view a customer's screen and/or execute remote help or transfer files. Following the terms and conditions, there is a privilege elevation step that is required to start remote help, and before that is set in motion, the chat agent is beholden to our internal policy that states they have to message the customer and inform them that they will be able to see the screen and control the mouse. 
    These warnings can be concerning, but they are necessary for BeyondTrust and ESET to protect ourselves, and ethical in the sense that we would never want to mislead a customer about the nature of our support agent's ability to view and operate their machine. Without the capabilities of software like this, we would be at a significant disadvantage when helping the large number of customers who don't feel confident making changes on their machines. So we go along with the necessary legal language to ensure that all parties understand the nature of remote help. 
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    shocked received kudos from Outcast in What's the latest version? or is the latest. it was released today. the support article wasn't updated yet it seems.
    download the latest nod32 update from here. download the live installer by clicking download for windows or click advanced download on the right and download the desired 32 or 64 bit version for the  computer you want to install it to.
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    shocked received kudos from Rose in Get product version or latest before released   
    most probably those users run a beta version of the software that was just updated to 14.2.10 or they have enabled the pre-release updates in the stable version.
    fear not as i have read from a moderator in another post, that it will be released soon.
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    shocked gave kudos to Cosmiic_OG in Upon Factory reset I've been unable to fully uninstall ESET Nod32   
    When I downloaded it initially that's where it put it, I moved it to the proper location and that seems to have fixed my issue. Thanks so much!
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    shocked gave kudos to Marcos in No indepth scan after version update   
    Yes, Smart optimization is basically the only difference between the smart and in-depth scan. If you enable it for the in-depth scan, you'll make it smart scan.
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    shocked gave kudos to notimportant in Is it safe to install Lightroom Mod APK 2021 for Android?   
    I dont think this is the right place to ask about "cracked" apk files 😬
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    shocked gave kudos to Marcos in repair installation option isn't available when starting the downloaded installer again   
    This is not possible without downloading the whole msi installer. After a microPCU update has been applied, the Repair option changes to Export.
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    shocked gave kudos to Marcos in repair installation option isn't available when starting the downloaded installer again   
    It was changed in the past. The thing is the last msi installer you may have locally stored may be v12 or 13 so repairing v14 would actually downgrade to v12 or v13 and you'll need to download upgrade to v14 again which is not desired.
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    shocked gave kudos to EdCampbell in Problems with installing Mitsubishi plc programs under eset   
    I tried to use the email link but Yahoo says the email address is wrong. So not sure what to do. solved there was a full stop after the .com sent it.
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    shocked gave kudos to itman in deleted ESET manually without seeing Epfw NDIS LightWeight   
    Earlier versions of Eset used a NDIS network mini-port filter driver to filter SSL/TLS network traffic. This has been replaced in later Eset versions which now use the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) built into the Win OS.
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    shocked received kudos from Peter Randziak in "Running processes" list is empty   
    since it's working now for me too, it was an isolated issue affecting a small number of users on certain regions perhaps.
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    shocked received kudos from Outcast in "Running processes" list is empty   
    i can confirm the list is also empty on my side as well. also no error messages on the Log about connectivity.
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    shocked gave kudos to Peter Randziak in Larger Detection engine update scheduled today (February 25)   
    Today (February 25) we plan to release a Detection engine update with expected size around 12,2 - 12,4 MB.
    We expect that the update will be available on the update servers for the clients to download at around 14:00 CET (+/- 30 minutes).
    This change will optimize the way how we store the data and will reduce the Detection engine size, it's memory footprint and also will make further updates smaller.
    The Micro updates scheduled on February 26 will have the weekly update package around 13 MB in size and the monthly update package up to 15 MB.
    Peter on behalf of the teams involved
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    shocked received kudos from migs_k in can I ask where to locate these windows "updates"   
    some of them might be located in the "view optional updates" section in Windows Update settings panel.
    in my case it shows Microsoft Silverlight ready to download but it doesn't appear in Windows Update. Silverlight is obsolete now and unnecessary now.
    i suspect that Eset pulls info from the Microsoft Catalog website and displays them. if you click "Check for Updates" in the Windows Update and it shows your device is up to date, then don't worry.

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    shocked gave kudos to itman in Firewall logs target column empty   
    Network Protection log entries for the most part reflect user created firewall rules for which the logging option has been selected. Overall, the log being empty would be normal.
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    shocked received kudos from chileverde in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    actually this is a really good idea. if it's possible, i'd love to see it implemented in the future.
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    shocked gave kudos to itman in Who and what is 'Taboola'? Is this a security/privacy issue?   
    It most certainly is shown in EasyPrivacy list in uBlock Origin. Do you have that TPL enabled?

    Another reason might be the following from the above linked article I posted:
    I used to use Nano Adblocker for this. Since it has been sold and the controversy surrounding that, I have totally removed it from FireFox. Instead, I am using AdGuard Base and AdBlock Warning Removal List TPLs and they appear to be working based on my posted detection.
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    shocked gave kudos to Marcos in how to cancel automatic product update and remain on the previous version?   
    You'd need to uninstall v14 first, however, the Live Installer will download and install the latest version.  However, I'm not sure if the Live installer now downloads v14 or still v13, you can try.
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    shocked received kudos from TomasP in Rude and unhelpful customer support   
    actually Microsoft will refuse support or at least free support if the key isn't bought directly from them.
    Eg. if your Dell/HP/Asus etc., laptop came preinstalled with Windows, MS will ask you to contact the manufacturer for support even if the OS isn't made by that third company.

    (at least that what i remember a few years back.)
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    shocked gave kudos to TomasP in Rude and unhelpful customer support   
    Unlike companies like Microsoft, ESET operates on the base of partnership. Therefore, with the exception of a few countries, ESET does not have its own presence on the market, but is instead represented by a local company that has the rights to distribute the products and use the logo, name, domain, trademarks, etc.
    These companies then can sell the products themselves, as well as via a network of resellers - the prices are generally the same, so it does not matter whether the customer buys the license from ESET's website, or an authorized reseller. The redirection is not done to ESET's website from the reseller's website, but only from other country's ESET website to the customer's local ESET website - and that is to ensure each customer can get support in their own local language, which is something ESET takes pride in.
    The resellers may be listed on the local ESET website, so that they can be checked by prospective customers, but in other countries, this may be done differently to fit the situation or local customs.
    As for Slovakia, where ESET HQ is located, we have the list published at https://www.eset.com/sk/firemna-it-bezpecnost/partnerstvo/kraje/ (it is even broken down by regions).
    Buying from these resellers guarantees the license is genuine and there is no shady activity involved. Buying from other resellers may still turn out okay, provided they obtained the license in the same country and don't resell it multiple times, but that is a risk we do not recommend taking. (Also, the unauthorized reseller is breaking the product's EULA, as they are not allowed to further sell the license).
    Suspiciously low-priced licenses are always indicators of piracy, as they tend to be purchased in countries where the prices are lower, copying the buying power of that market, and then resold without ESET's authorization elsewhere, most often to several people at the same time too. When ESET is made aware of such licenses, they may be deactivated without prior notice.
    A good indication of a trusted reseller is that when you purchase the license, you obtain a license key that you can register yourself in ESET's systems under your own name and email address. Unauthorized resellers generally don't have access to such "blank" licenses, so they register the license under their own name and email and only provide you with the license key to use in the product, but you can't register it on ESET's website as your own, because it was already registered by the reseller. Therefore, in ESET's database, the reseller is the rightful owner who may use the license, not you.
    Sorry if this was too technical or too long, I just wanted to explain the licensing and sales model properly, so that it is understood well by everybody.
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    shocked received kudos from karlisi in Rude and unhelpful customer support   
    the license wasn't yours, it was bought by someone in Afghanistan as stated before and that key is used by more than 100 other persons. so, it wasn't not yours.
    nowhere in those sentences there's an accusation on you. it's just an observation that the key isn't originally registered on your email, rather on a completely different individual.

    and i agree with Page42, 3 pages and 61 replies later, that thread has run it's course. ✌🏻️
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    shocked gave kudos to SeriousHoax in Rude and unhelpful customer support   
    We can't change what happened and you're unlucky that a non-authorized seller sold you a pirated license 2 years ago.
    Now if you're still reluctant to buy from your local ESET website then you may go to one of the authorized partner by yourself and buy a physical copy of it from there and this time make sure to register the ESET license to your ESET account. An account isn't needed but it lets you see if the license you is being used on a PC or not.
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    shocked gave kudos to itman in latest ESET contacting   
    Eset URLs and associated IP addresses are "no big secret." They are listed here: https://support.eset.com/en/kb332-ports-and-addresses-required-to-use-your-eset-product-with-a-third-party-firewall
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    shocked gave kudos to Marcos in Restoring files   
    Sality is a file infecting virus, the detection is correct. Restoring files probably failed because already clean versions of the files exist in the target location.
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    shocked received kudos from Twersky in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    actually this is a really good idea. if it's possible, i'd love to see it implemented in the future.
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