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  1. is it possible activate ESET Securitys Version 13 from command line using product keys?
  2. But what about the version 9 ? Is there a command to import the XML file without having to enter the gui? Like: ecmd /setcfg c:\config.xml
  3. Hello everyone how can import and export xml config file in eset 8 and older? i can export eset settings to config xml file in version 12, like this: ecmd /getcfg c:\config.xml and also can import the xml config file to the eset in version 12, like this: ecmd /setcfg c:\config.xml but i need do this in verion 8 and older! how can I do this?
  4. hello i found a problem in eset_eval server... i install eset 9.0 x64 and set eset_eval server,when update my antivirus download 6MB update but database not change! after i test eset 9.0 x86(x32) and set eset_eval server,antivirus database as will updated,and i didn't see that problem in x86(x32) version... what is the problem?
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