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  1. I notice that some people have upgraded their antivirus to version but this version has not yet been released on the East site! How can I upgrade to this version? or latest version?
  2. This is almost normal And the delay can be low or without feeling depending on your hardware
  3. now i select Pre-release update from Advanced setup>UPDATE after full download update and set i dont find "The ESET Push Notification Service server cannot be reached" How long does it take for this update to be released?
  4. I usally when i leave my room disable internet connection and after i comeback connect to the internet Yes in all this time my computer is offline But It doesn't just happen when I disconnect from the internet. Actually also It also happens when my computer connected to the internet after 30 min or 1 hour i donot think this is a problem with ISP ! because i tested and have problem almost with all of internet company in my country. also when i restart the computer,i don't see this message for almost 20 min and after that i see that again. I request more inspection the i
  5. hi my first post updated and more photos and descriptions added. i tuened off the windows defender and firewall but not solved problem. Actually I think it has no effect! because antivirus firewall replaced on windows firewall and windows firewall is off. also i open the port 8883 in eset setting but not solved also all the time this is happening my internet is on
  6. I'm before that used from version ( and and after use from version i have this problem : i use all way for solve the problem but the problem can't solved. i remove the eset and reinstall that. also i reinstall windows! but the problem persists! Windows information: Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 Installed on ‎5/‎2/‎2021 OS build 19042.964 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.2020.0 Hardware Information: Device name DESKTOP-XXXXXXX Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-61
  7. is it possible activate ESET Securitys Version 13 from command line using product keys?
  8. But what about the version 9 ? Is there a command to import the XML file without having to enter the gui? Like: ecmd /setcfg c:\config.xml
  9. Hello everyone how can import and export xml config file in eset 8 and older? i can export eset settings to config xml file in version 12, like this: ecmd /getcfg c:\config.xml and also can import the xml config file to the eset in version 12, like this: ecmd /setcfg c:\config.xml but i need do this in verion 8 and older! how can I do this?
  10. hello i found a problem in eset_eval server... i install eset 9.0 x64 and set eset_eval server,when update my antivirus download 6MB update but database not change! after i test eset 9.0 x86(x32) and set eset_eval server,antivirus database as will updated,and i didn't see that problem in x86(x32) version... what is the problem?
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