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  1. Dear Dmitriy, I just downloaded trial version of ESET product from international ESET website. I have no idea why my key is American. You know that I'm from Ukraine. It's completely 100% false. And manipulation of Marcos's opinion. Technical support MUST resolve the technical issues with the products which they support. You just said "Your Internet provider blocks ESET! Bye, bro!" and have closed every single my ticket have don't provide me opportunity to replay your "answer". It's just trolling from you, no one Internet provider blocks ESET, and obviously you know that. False again. "We closed your ticket to stop you to ask questions" - is not a good reason to close tickets. Why didn't you say me that before? Why only now? 1 month ago I just was a user of ESET Online Scanner. It's a free utility. 1 feature of ESET product doesn't work on my system, but it must. ESET support must resolve is issue without any money.
  2. Yes, I do. But I don't use it in general, I just use it only 1 month to decide to buy it or not. Is it a crime? Okay, you can report to FBI about my crime.
  3. I have a technical issue with ESET product, so I asked Ukrainian ESET support to help me resolve it. I have created new tickets again and again, but they close them all without any response about my technical issue. They just say something like "Don't write to us again! We will not help you!". I can provide names of their all and screenshots or files of their emails(on demand). I created tickets with these numbers: CS-27966, CS-28009, CS-28011.
  4. So will samples which are submitted via trial version of ESET product be analyzed more fast than samples which are submitted via email?
  5. It's completely useless article because spammers always use different email addresses. I didn't get more than 1 spam sharing from the same email address.
  6. In the day when spammers sent me them they were valid.
  7. But scam are always spam, right? Scam files can't be not spam. ESET products protect against spam, so they shout detect them.
  8. If most AVs are week, then it's a reason why ESET should be week also. Where is a logic?
  9. As I said before, I downloaded them and scanned them via on-demand scan of Windows product. My above posts are still actual. These screenshots just show threats, not result of ESET scan.
  10. @Marcos Why can't ESET Windows product detect these threats?
  11. No. I tested both products with 8k+ modern malwares, ESET detects malwares better than MBAM, BUT there are a lot of malwares which were detected by MBAM and were compromised by ESET, so there is a reason to use them both.
  12. I can only see they delete each other or they don't. But I can't see how they influence on each other's functionality. It's very reputable company. They never lie.
  13. Malwarebytes developers say that ESET products don't conflict with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium.
  14. I wanna have ESET Smart Security Premium alongside Malwarebytes Anti-malware Premium. Is it okay idea? Are they compatible? So both these products have these functions: Brute-force protection, Exploit protection, Ransomware protection. If I would have both products at the same time, which these functions(which are duplicated) would work?
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