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  1. Windows notifications are working for me with this version.
  2. 11.2.49 isn't a beta update. Now it's pre-release and within next few days will be on stable channel. Beta versions are different and offered only to insiders.
  3. anton83

    Eset feature

    Those software is important for you. For me it's not important. Also there is no need to add search of those software because everybody knows the sites for this software. For example skype.com. So what's the problem to just go this sites and find what you need?! Also for example Skype has build in updater and give you a notice if an update is available. Mozilla has the same function, Chome, Opera and many others.
  4. I didn't ask about it every few days.
  5. Any news about http2 support? It was said that all works are done, but still there is no http2 support in EIS product line. Also in February it was said that support for http2 will be added in about two-three months via internet protection module. Current version of this module is 1334 from 22.05.2018 and there is no http2 support.
  6. anton83

    New version 12

    As an insider.
  7. anton83

    New version 12

    No exact information till now. Insider version maybe will be released this month.
  8. anton83

    New version 12

    There will be version 11.2 next. About 12 version there is no information.
  9. There was a such error for some users. You need to enter EIS firewall settings and click to reset to default. There wa a post here how to do it.
  10. Did you tried to reset to default firewall in EIS?
  11. And also very bad that developers were familiar with this problem two years ago (I wrote about it via insider programm) and till now there is no support. All other antivirus solutions allready support http2, but not Eset.
  12. At the 15-th of the May: "The http2 support is in progress, I checked the related tasks in the tracking system and they are being completed,... " " It means that all subtasks related to implementation of HTTP2 support (there are about 100 of them if I remember correctly) are almost done. " On the 22st of the May on prerelease channel internet protection module was updated to version 1334, but still no http2 support. It was said that support for http2 will be through internet protection module update.
  13. It was said a week ago at insiders forum tree that all tasks that are related to http2 support are done.
  14. Any date? Because you wrote to me that all works for it is done.