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  1. You can find changes for public programs in surtain tree of this forum. If you are intresterested in EIS when watch EIS products tree and so on. As for insiders tree it is closed to public and is only available for insiders. Also if you would like to be an insider you can watch here https://eset.centercode.com/welcome/
  2. Yes, they did it by default in their MIUI. In order to enable some app to work in background you need to go to their security app and enable needed app to startup automatically, in this case this app will work in background. I enabled Eset to run in background by this method on my Xiaomi smartphone.
  3. You just need to enter new key from Eset Smart Security Premium license in your current EIS install.
  4. Merry Christmas to all of you and happy holidays.
  5. Changelog allways published here on forum also when stable release is published.
  6. As per modules update info go https://support.eset.com/advisories/?segment=home
  7. Kaspersy AV and Kaspersky Free AV using addons for web browsers and fully supports HTTP2 more then a year. Also many other AV supports HTTP2 - Comodo, Dr.Web, Avast. Some of them even allready supports new TLS 1.3 version (Avast announced TLS 1.3 support with "Avast 2019" AV).
  8. HTTP2 support module is available on pre-release update channel, soon it will be available to all.
  9. As you wrote automatic update of modules and data bases done every hour so this is normal and everything is working fine. I didn't understand you on what version of EIS are you now?
  10. EIS is allready EIS 2019. The only UI change is share link, to share a link for download and invite your friends to EIS.
  11. For example machine learning in scaning of threads. Also there will be add of HTTP2, TLS 1.3 support via modules updates.
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