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  1. This version support RS4 Windows 10 update. What kind of issue do you have? Explain exactly.
  2. It will be published in news? And what is the name of the module?
  3. Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

    It was anounced with this version that it is compatible with RS4. Also it was the same during Eset insider programm when we test this version. That's why i said it that it's RS compatible.
  4. Before they said that it will be with components update. Today encription protocol support module updated and no http2 support. Why so long implementation of more then one year?!
  5. As i understand you the implementation will not be in this year? I wrote about http2 support more then a year that EIS doesn't support it. Why other antivirus products made it support?
  6. It was said in February that EIS will get support for HTTP2 after two months. Today watch at EIS components and encription support module was updated to new one, but still no support for HTTP2. When it will be?
  7. Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

    It's fully compatible. There is no need to wory.