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  1. I'm having significant problems with Parental control on 3 Xiaomi phones (1 x Redmi 4X, 2 x Redmi 5 Plus). Typical issues are: regularly getting notifications about my kids asking for additional time (request not sent by them) task switching not possible, tapping task switch button pops up parental PIN pad. This has been mildly annoying through the last couple of weeks/months and these symptoms tended to come and go. However currently one of the phones (a 5 Plus) is pretty much unusable as opening any app pops up a full-screen window with an open envelope and an oval OK button with a checkmark but otherwise no text whatsoever. Tapping OK does nothing (the button reacts but that's it). Sometimes the app screen will be displayed for a second before the full-screen window is drawn over it. Of the standard system soft keys (home, back, task switch) the latter may or may not be displayed, the other two always. Pressing home does what it should, the task switcher will lock the screen. I've tried all remote options I could think of (enabling vacation mode, turning off app & web protection) from both PC and phone. Only the latter confirms sync to the device but it still behaves the same. I have painstakingly entered my parental PIN on the device but have been unable to perform any tasks in the app. Also unable to revoke device manager privileges from Parental Control due to the pop-up. At this point my only option seems to be wiping phone data (factory reset) from the recovery menu. I have cleared the system cache and have applied a MIUI 10 update that was pending, but no change. I have been using Parental Control on my kids' previous devices with no issues. As a matter of fact it's on a fourth device as well, an old Nexus 7 tablet and it works just fine there. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks!
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