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  1. Thank you guys. No more questions about that.
  2. Hello, I did upgrade from the latest build of EIS to with the update function from EIS, do I have now also the new UI of EIS 2019 or must I download EIS 2019 manually? I can not see any visible changes to the UI. So I don't know if I use EIS 2018 UI with the EIS 2019 engine!?
  3. Clark T

    (UEFI) rootkit LoJax.

    You say that the cleaning is not possible as it resides in the UEFI. So your UEFI scanner can only detect this new virus but not remove it. You think, that you find a way to clean this virus or other future virus that use the same technic? Maybe find a way with ESET SysRescue Live?
  4. To choose a second UI in black or dark grey should be easy to make. Make the white to black or dark grey and the text greenish. Maybe you think about it. The idea is not bad & it would not hurt anybody when you have the standard UI and a second dark UI.
  5. Description: A Quick-Scan to scan the most important files. Detail: A Quick-Scan to scan registry, startup files, rootkit scan etc. and the most threatened folders. I know this is done in the background of ESET Internet Security, but I would find it useful to have a Quick-Scan button for this.