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  1. To choose a second UI in black or dark grey should be easy to make. Make the white to black or dark grey and the text greenish. Maybe you think about it. The idea is not bad & it would not hurt anybody when you have the standard UI and a second dark UI.
  2. @doctorWho Check if you have in your Task Scheduler a On-demand scanning, that check the files and folders on your computer. Otherwise do what TomFace said.
  3. Hello, can I use EIS 2019 with a EIS 2018 key? How works that? Do I have to worry that some things do not work with EIS 2018 and the new big Windows update?
  4. When I delete a file from the quarantine by right clicking on the file in the EIS UI for quarantine , will this file removed from my PC? Or will it only removed from my quarantine?
  5. I'm on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 1803 with the Operating System Build 17134.191 and have no problems. @Clocker13 If you just now upgraded to 1803, make sure to check again for Windows updates. And what Marcos said, check if you not using Windows 10 Insider Preview builds. You use any other Anti-Viren program's beside ESET Internet Security?
  6. Description: A Quick-Scan to scan the most important files. Detail: A Quick-Scan to scan registry, startup files, rootkit scan etc. and the most threatened folders. I know this is done in the background of ESET Internet Security, but I would find it useful to have a Quick-Scan button for this.