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  1. I made not the November 2019 Windows 10 update, yet. I wait and see if any problems happen with the November 2019 Windows 10 update. Is a "Phantom account" the Windows 10 guest account?
  2. YES! I use EIS and I'am very satisfied. Hey! You! Behind the monitor.... I'am not a paid user or a professional positive comment writer, also I do not work at ESET. I'am a real user and I like EIS <-- mouse over.... You get always fast help, also in this forum. You don't get here any commercials from your AV. Also you do not have to pay extra for some tools, you get what you paid for, nothing more and nothing less. The EIS protection is very good and you can change alot in the settings. You don't need to be a pro to use this. And when you really don't know what you do, the default settings from EIS are very good. Much ❤️ to all in ESET!
  3. Could I use also the installer " eis_nt64.exe " to install it over the current version?
  4. I don't got the new update EIS 13.0.22 yet. Even I click in the update section right down in the corner on search for updates. I'm still on EIS Can it be that it takes a week that everybody get this version? I don't want to download and make a fresh install.
  5. Hey Pete12, I found out when you open the EIS client, and than go to updates, right down in the corner, when you click this button to update, than will be the new build installed. When a new build was released, than my client did only install new AV-updates. But when I hit the update button, the new build will be ready for install. @itman thanks for the infos....
  6. Hello, I got today the update and I'm on regular updates. The new version was released today? I wonder, because you don't have a new thread for the EIS update. I'am very satisfied with EIS. This is now my second year using this AV.
  7. Description: A Quick-Scan to scan the most important files. Detail: A Quick-Scan to scan registry, startup files, rootkit scan etc. and the most threatened folders. I know this is done in the background of ESET Internet Security, but I would find it useful to have a Quick-Scan button for this.
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