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  1. ESET Internet Security v12.2.30.0 installed and everything ok thank you 😀
  2. First of all he regretted the problems that this new update is giving but for many years I am an eset user and the technical service is magnificent and they will solve the error as soon as possible also give my support to Marcos for his great work in the forum, we can only wait for the new patience update.😉
  3. hello I'm using the latest version of eset and I just updated to windows 1903.eset is updated to be compatible with windows 1903, thanks
  4. if a few days ago I update but I think it is only for those who have activated update prior to its release, ficially I think it has not yet officially left
  5. hello the first link still does not open the browser in secure banking automatically, however the other 2 links if you open the secure banking browser automatically. the first link is one of the most important banks in Spain (eset must have it in your database) could you tell me what the problem is?
  6. thank you very much for years that I use eset and I am very happy with this security suite it generates confidence and security 😃
  7. As the title of the post says I can not enter my bank with the protected browser automatically I use google if I want to enter my bank from the browser does not automatically open payment protection and online banking but, if it works if I open eset and in the home screen I give protection of payments and online banking opens the protected browser, but only happens with my bank: https://www.caixabank.es/particular/home/particulares_es.html with other banks the protected browser opens automatically from google https://www.bbva.es/particulares/index.jsp https://www.bancsabadell.com/cs/Satellite/SabAtl/ Thanks for the help translated by Google
  8. eset I think that there are always fewer updates on weekends but it is still as effective, it is in my opinion one of the best security suites
  9. on the subject of secure payment of eset there is one thing that is not normal if eset if you open directly a website of a bank does not automatically start the safe payment of eset (in kaspersky bitdefender and other suites if) I have to go to the icon of protection of payments and online banking and then if you open the secure browser (chrome use) I would like to know if it is normal or just happens to me.a greeting
  10. In my case I didn't know how to stop the analysis because the close buttons didn't do anything and I didn't analyze anything so I had to restart the laptop, I hope you'll soon correct the problem. a greeting.
  11. hello to me it happens to me exactly the same thing leaves the notification that it has finished the analysis but continues scanning
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