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    elquenunca gave kudos to itman in Time For A Formal Augur Test?   
    That's what BitDefender did with their 100% machine learning based behavioral protection at A-V Comparatives: https://www.av-comparatives.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/spc_fdt_bitdefender_201909_en.pdf . Score was pretty impressive although false positives were a bit high.
    Also detection rate for this ML scanner is shown separately on Virus Total.
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    elquenunca gave kudos to SeriousHoax in uTorrent problem after install   
    Well surely this is not a direct solution to your problem but don't use uTorrent, use open source, ad free alternative Qbittorrent: https://www.qbittorrent.org/
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    elquenunca gave kudos to Marcos in NEW VERSION EIS   
    Make sure that you have both startup scan tasks enabled in scheduler. Without that, some system areas where malware may be hiding will not be scanned or malware may continue to run after a detection has been added.
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    elquenunca gave kudos to HANDJOJO in NEW VERSION EIS   
    Last night I received the update of Eset Internet Security version 13 ( with some feature and improvement as follows:
    * Improve Connected Home Monitor
    * Extended Detection with HIPS
    * Stronger Protection with Advanced Machine Learning
    * The Lower Impact on System Resources
    However the Icon Menu its look like little bit too left and for me still a question about "The Startup Scanning Progress" activity indicated in the Icon on the taskbar still running after user Login even I have been deactivated  the Startup Scanning in the scheduler to not active in battery mode.

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    elquenunca gave kudos to StevenCheong in Eset 13 Version   
    ESET 13 is now available on Pre-release Update.
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    elquenunca gave kudos to peteyt in Eset 13 Version   
    @MarcosCan someone please ban this user. Reported another of his posts the other week. Noticed something strange as one of his post seemed to be exactly the same post I made. User is basically copying someones post and reposting and then editing at a later date to add a spam link. Possibly hopes users will not notice because the link is not originaly included but have been keeping an eye out 
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    elquenunca gave kudos to Clark T in EIS - I got the update   
    Hey Pete12, I found out when you open the EIS client, and than go to updates, right down in the corner, when you click this button to update, than will be the new build installed. When a new build was released, than my client did only install new AV-updates. But when I hit the update button, the new build will be ready for install.
    @itman thanks for the infos....
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    elquenunca gave kudos to itman in EIS - I got the update   
    Nothing strange about it. The Eset off-line installer web site is always updated somewhat after the release hits the Eset update servers. Also the situation is identical to the current status, the ver. update is offered prior to an official announcement in the forum. More so currently in that it appears all the Eset support personnel at some conference this week.
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    elquenunca gave kudos to itman in Firewall suggestions   
    No because virtually all third party firewalls are part of integrated AV security suites these days. The only full-featured stand-alone firewall actively supported is Comodo's. The rest are old Win 7 versions with kludges applied to get them to function on later OS versions.
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