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  1. Well, not in my version of Windows 10... I will just wait for the white smoke comes out of the chimney.
  2. @Marcos thanks for the clarification that it will be solved with the next update V13, but as asked by @BeanSlappers, any indication when this might happen? Will there also be communication that this issue is fixed? So users know when to setup again a new Phantom Account? I do want to avoid that I am too early and have to do it again Thanks.
  3. After the November 2019 Windows 10 update the existing Phantom account on my computer was suddenly gone. I now get the message of ESET Internet Security that I need to recreated it. When checking the latest updates that were installed on my PC on Nov. 13 I noticed that it included: the cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1903 for x64 systems (KB4524570) and the installation of the Windows program for the removal of malicious software (KB890830). Is that the cause of the disappearance of the Phantom account? If so, how to avoid that this happens again? If these updates were not the cause, then why did it disappear? Thanks.
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