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    Clark T gave kudos to peteyt in Phantom account gone after windows 10 update.   
    No the phantom account is part of eset Anti Theft - if you mark a device e.g as missing only the phantom account will work and possibly (although I'm unsure of this) if someone logs in it may help to detect their location.
    As someone who uses eset on their PC mainly (do not currently own a laptop) it is not something I have used
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    Clark T received kudos from BeanSlappers in Loving how ESET works.   
    YES! I use EIS and I'am very satisfied. Hey! You! Behind the monitor.... I'am not a paid user or a  professional positive comment writer, also I do not work at ESET. I'am a real user and I like EIS <-- mouse over.... You get always fast help, also in this forum.
    You don't get here any commercials from your AV. Also you do not have to pay extra for some tools, you get what you paid for, nothing more and nothing less. The EIS protection is very good and you can change alot in the settings. You don't need to be a pro to use this. And when you really don't know what you do, the default settings from EIS are very good.
    Much ❤️ to all in ESET!
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    Clark T gave kudos to BeanSlappers in Loving how ESET works.   
    I just want to say that I am loving how fast help is when I'm unsure of something, and how this company seems to care about its customers.  I have been through heaps of security software in my time, but this company is super fast at helping people.
    Thank you.
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    Clark T gave kudos to Marcos in I don't got the new update 13.0.22 yet   
    Yes, installers are multi-language.
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