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    Clark T gave kudos to peteyt in Phantom account gone after windows 10 update.   
    No the phantom account is part of eset Anti Theft - if you mark a device e.g as missing only the phantom account will work and possibly (although I'm unsure of this) if someone logs in it may help to detect their location.
    As someone who uses eset on their PC mainly (do not currently own a laptop) it is not something I have used
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    Clark T gave kudos to Marcos in I don't got the new update 13.0.22 yet   
    Yes, installers are multi-language.
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    Clark T received kudos from elquenunca in EIS - I got the update   
    Hey Pete12, I found out when you open the EIS client, and than go to updates, right down in the corner, when you click this button to update, than will be the new build installed. When a new build was released, than my client did only install new AV-updates. But when I hit the update button, the new build will be ready for install.
    @itman thanks for the infos....
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    Clark T gave kudos to itman in EIS - I got the update   
    Nothing strange about it. The Eset off-line installer web site is always updated somewhat after the release hits the Eset update servers. Also the situation is identical to the current status, the ver. update is offered prior to an official announcement in the forum. More so currently in that it appears all the Eset support personnel at some conference this week.
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    Clark T gave kudos to zamar27 in home network scan   
    For me, full device names on LAN as broadcast show up on mouse hover or clicking the device, and they are editable. Company name isn't always part of the device name, one may change device names in their own GUI. 😄
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    Clark T gave kudos to itman in Has There Been A Change To Banking & Payment Protection?   
    Thanks for the feedback. Would suggest Eset post an announcement when a change to GUI related components are made. Especially in regards to B&PP since many are sensitive to any changes in that area possibly due to the malware.
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