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  1. Glade to know that ESET does not filter only browsers traffic but on Windows ground level as well. Though I think there should be some other AVs filtering the communication on Windows ground level. That is an added protection from malicious attacks. We will be waiting for the HTTP 2 module available to stable versions not just pre-release. Thank you guys for those awesome knowledge and answers. By the way, any idea when ESET will finally add the HTTP 2 module to its products?
  2. I just upgraded my ESET Antivirus to latest version of 12 and then I noticed that it had started filtering SSL/TLS Traffic which was blocking the support for great HTTP 2.0 Protocol. No browser (Chrome, Firefox etc) are able to upgrade protocol from HTTP 1.1 to HTTP 2 because of this filtration. And the worse, it is pre-enabled by default. Now a days where technology is rising, saving internet bandwidth, traffic and cost using HTTP 2 Protocol, ESET is creating hurdle in way. When this SSL/TLS option is disabled, all browsers can easily communicate over HTTP 2. I would highly recommend ESET to look into this matter as we are the True Lovers of ESET Products and such actions are not good for its reputation. Thank you with regards, Abdul Jabbar Dumrai
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