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  1. Thank you for the help. I UNinstalled the ISP and put in IS. I wonder if that missing box to click is because it was a trial. The ESET Internet Security I have on my other computer has a license and shows the 'change' box. KOR-
  2. Thank you Tom. I do not have that 'change product' box to click. KOR-
  3. Sorry Marcos but do not understand what you mean by "change product" .
  4. I have ESET Internet Security on my two computers and on my cell. I put Smart Security Premium on my new ASUS as a trial but want to use Internet Security when I purchase the license. Do I have to delete the 'premium' or can I install Internet Security over the Premium. Thank you. KOR-
  5. Marcos. Thanks, your above suggestion worked for me. KOR-