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  1. Well the thing is I don't want to block lxcore.sys and lxss.sys drivers because I actively use WSL on a daily basis. I want to use WSL while still be protected from threats like Bashware.
  2. Thank you for your response! There is a new type of malware called Bashware that takes advantage of the WSL. See here and here. I have two important questions: 1) By excluding the folder of WSL app, is ESET still protecting from such type of attacks mentioned above? 2) Is ESET following Microsoft guidelines and instructions, specified in the Microsoft article regarding Pico Processes such as WSL? A reassurance by ESET development team would be great to know if ESET products are implementing and following the Microsoft standards mentioned in the article. If yes, since which version is the feature supported?
  3. In a post in October there was this issue with High CPU usage and slowdown when using WSL in Windows. A temporary solution to this problem was to exclude the folder "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Packages\DISTRO_APP_NAME" from Eset Realtime Protection. This solution is not ideal though because ESET doesn't protect processes run in WSL mode. I noticed that Microsoft has issued an article explaining how 3rd parties AVs and Firewalls like ESET should interact with WSL. Link: WSL Antivirus and Firewall Compatibility. Are ESET's developers aware of this? Are there any plans to implement this in a future version? I know a lot of people that use WSL mainly for development purposes and such a feature would be appreciated by the programming community that use ESET.
  4. Have you tried as ESET to submit a Permissions Declaration Form for Google Play to review as stated here and here? Maybe Google can make an exception for ESET as anti theft SMS command is a core function of Anti-Theft.
  5. Thanks for the apk link, but the version offered there is older than the Play Store version. Also, will it notify users to download new version when needed?
  6. Please ESET provide an optional apk download from your site where the app has SMS text commands and other security features that Google forbids through play store policies.
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