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  1. Thanks for the info! It would be great to have this changelog posted here in forum for each update or displayed inside eset program in Help ans Support -> About section.
  2. ECELeader

    Very poor test result

    The score shows only the results of proactive detection (malware was successfully blocked by the test product, prior to execution). A product is considered to pass phase 1 if after running the python script manages to keep the system clean in the end (clean sheet). You can read about the test method here.
  3. It would be great to have a detailed changelog for pre-release versions, so that people who choose the pre-release cycle, know what modules were added/changed in order to focus bug testing to those areas. For example, today I updated to and I do not know what was added/improved.
  4. ECELeader

    Very poor test result

    Although The PC Security Channel [TPSC] is not an official AMTSO member, it is a worth noting channel that uses a consistent methodology to test security products. It is a respected chanell to IT, programmers and av-fans people. I starting using ESET products this year and bought 8 licenses in total and I am disappointed that ESET failed this test. As a programmer I also code in Python and I am worried by the failed test.
  5. Although parental control for Android is working great, one specific game called Dragon Land is bypassing both app restrictions and time restrictions even if I disallow the app through parental control settings. This is the only app so far that is able to bypass parental control. Can you fix it?