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  1. Surprisingly I had the programs installed on my windows 7 machine and then the hard drive died and I could not clone it so had to do a complete reinstall. Thats when the problem started. I tried installing the programs on my windows 10 work laptop and same issue. I have been using Eset products for years now and had it on my old hard drive. No problems. So I think the problem between these programs and eset is a recent issue. I do have the programs installed on an XP machine. Problem is that is all I use it for and I do not have to install the codes regularly, only when the code is lost due to
  2. I tried to use the email link but Yahoo says the email address is wrong. So not sure what to do. solved there was a full stop after the .com sent it.
  3. Hi, this is all it says [AutoRun] OPEN=GX-Developer.exe ICON=melsoft.ico
  4. I cannot use the form or the email samples@eset.com. because my email says it is wrong and the form is asking for an agreement number, which I do not have.
  5. Hi my eset does not have it in the tools function for some unknown reason. I will try to sort out the file for sending. I will use dropbox.
  6. I am using eset internet security and I have been trying to install some programs I use for installing the plc code for printing machines. The programs I use are GX Developer and GX Configurator all provided by Mitsubishi. How ever I find that either the instaltion does not even run or it gets to a certain point about 80% and then crashes. I have found that eset does detect the autorun file in these programs as a Trojan, which is not correct. I would like to get eset to analise these programs so that they can be used under eset. Unfortunately the files are large for the whole program . (Betwee
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum, I am trying to use sysinspector on a 64 bit computer. My Antivirus is eset Smart security version 8..... Can any one tell me why this could be. It starts and gets about a 3rd of the way and then stays like that all day. When I want to cancel it also takes a long time to shut down. But when I cancel the loading sequence bar moves to about 80% and stops there. Any ideas as to why?
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