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  1. @cutting_edgetech Let me apologize for the confusion here. If you've had difficulty in disabling autorenew for a license you bought in the past, that was never our intention. Thank you for the feedback. I'm working with my colleagues to locate your account, however if you would like to DM me the email associated with the licenses you want to disable autorenew on, I will be happy to make the change. It only takes a moment. Please, in the future, if you have questions related to licensing feel free to contact our Customer Success department at 1 (866) 343-3738, option 1-option 1 again. I believe you'll find it the most direct means of resolving this type of issue. Finally, we are constantly working with our UX and Legal team to improve the auto-renew experience and will take into consideration the things you point out here.
  2. Hello all, I'll be happy to speak to the concerns of Nate and any other would-be chat users here. The chat client that we use is BeyondTrust, formerly known as Bomgar. It's a very widely used chat client and a highly effective solution. The Terms and Conditions that Nate points out here are not set by ESET. They are baked into the product by BeyondTrust. I have seen customers express concern around them before, and have looked into whether that wording can be changed, it cannot. As a Remote Help software vendor, BeyondTrust is clearly taking steps to ensure that there is no ambiguity around the fact that their software allows for remote control of the end-user's machine. We choose to use their product because it meets our needs in terms of abilities to service our customers, and as such this wording cannot be changed. With that said, the way we have BeyondTrust configured, the customer must still agree to elevate privileges for their support agent before any remote help can be performed. So effectively the language cited here is given well in advance of the support agent having the capability to view a customer's screen and/or execute remote help or transfer files. Following the terms and conditions, there is a privilege elevation step that is required to start remote help, and before that is set in motion, the chat agent is beholden to our internal policy that states they have to message the customer and inform them that they will be able to see the screen and control the mouse. These warnings can be concerning, but they are necessary for BeyondTrust and ESET to protect ourselves, and ethical in the sense that we would never want to mislead a customer about the nature of our support agent's ability to view and operate their machine. Without the capabilities of software like this, we would be at a significant disadvantage when helping the large number of customers who don't feel confident making changes on their machines. So we go along with the necessary legal language to ensure that all parties understand the nature of remote help.
  3. Hello itman, The promotion that you cite was for new purchases only. It sounds like you renewed an existing license. The cart would not have displayed any discount info for a renewal during the promotion as a result of this. We do still have a promotion running, albeit is slightly changed from the Black Friday deal. As you know, changing to a new license will require you to go through the activation process for the new license. With that in mind, if you would like to refund your renewal so that you can make a new purchase at the discounted rate please contact our support team at https://helpus.eset.com and specify the Sales Order number for your renewal. You are within eligibility for a refund for 30 days from the time of purchase. Thank you, Chris B.
  4. Hi Duijv023, We have an article that will walk you through a component installation of mobile device connector. It is available here.
  5. Hi Jinlei Have you taken a look at our Push installation article?
  6. Hi katbert, It is possible to do so, please see our Knowledgebase article for step-by-step instructions.
  7. You're very welcome and we apologize for the confusion, our KB article and online help have already been updated to reflect the different parameter.
  8. Hello dmveron, Can you please retry adding these devices using the MEID number for your devices, rather than IMEI. Both numbers should be available in your device's settings, please see documentation specific to the device for instructions on exactly where to find them.
  9. Hello Charlie145, Please check to see if you've made the TCP/IP communication changes that are necessary in our installation article for SBS.
  10. Hi Destarah, Please see our Knowledgebase article for instructions to download the offline installer for your ESET product. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  11. Hi Geosoft, Take a look at the ERA User Guide section on sending a Sysinspector log request. It is one of the client tasks available from the Web Console.
  12. Hi czechoto, If you're interested in setting up Apache HTTP Proxy, you can find step-by-step instructions to do so here.
  13. Shawkins- I'd just like to point out that at mirror server can be configured on a client with Endpoint Security or Endpoint Antivirus 6 installed. The process is very similar to ERA 5 and the process is documented here. We also have documentation available for Apache HTTP Proxy, which as Marcos explained, has been introduced as a more complete solution than the previous Mirror server arrangement.
  14. Blackspear, Thank you for pointing this out. The screenshot in that article is incorrect and will be updated.
  15. That's correct dave, actually we just posted three new pieces for ERA upgrade. Please use the one that works best for your environment: Windows upgrade using all-in-one installer Windows component-based upgrade Linux component-based upgrade
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