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  1. That's not really the solution I want, but I may try it if all else fails. Thanks! I have to do some Network, and Database work now for school.
  2. Anyway, I still don't understand why Eset requires the user to elevate privileges to create a firewall rule when responding to firewall prompts. I don't believe disabling UAC is a good ideal, so that's not a good solution. Maybe Eset can make a change in their design. As I stated above, it took me 3 attempts to get Windows to boot today. The only change I made to my system was changing Eset to Interactive Mode. I believe all the outbound request from Windows before the desktop had a chance to load was causing Windows to freeze because the UAC prompt was unavailable for me to respond to
  3. I created an Admin account when installing Windows. It's the only account that was created. I would have to check to see what Accounts Windows creates by default. I believe it still creates an Admin Account that can only be used by the OS. I had to take ownership of a registry key a couple of days ago, and I believe I remember seeing another Admin Account in there that had been created by the OS. This is my first time using Windows in 2 years, so that's why I did not know Eset removed the option in the UI, "Require full administrator rights for limited administrator accounts". I had been
  4. Something from Windows 10 or Microsoft Apps for Enterprise (Microsoft Office) is always requested outbound internet access. I have been creating rules since yesterday and i'm still being bombarded with Microsoft outbound request. I just had to respond to about 15 outbound request, one after the other after the desktop appeared. My computer would not boot the first 2 attempts, it stalled at the login screen, I waited for about 15 minutes, before trying to reboot each time. I believe all the outbound request from Windows before the desktop had a chance to load was causing Windows to freeze becau
  5. Why does Eset require users using Full Admin Accounts to answer UAC prompts if they choose to remember the action they took (create a firewall rule) when responding to firewall prompts? I'm using a Full Admin Account. I'm the only account on the system other than the default accounts that come preinstalled on Windows 10, like the the built in Admin Account that is used by the OS itself. I've tested all the other major AV vendors at one time or another and none of them have required using UAC to respond to a firewall prompt.
  6. How do I stop Eset from requiring me to elevate my Windows privileges each time I respond to Eset's firewall prompts in Interactive Mode?
  7. Where has the setting for, "Require full administrator rights for limited administrator accounts" been moved to? Eset is driving me insane by having to elevate my window's privileges each time I respond to Eset's Firewall in Interactive Mode. I don't understand the purpose of this option, i'm not a limited Admin, yet Eset always makes me elevate my privileges to respond to firewall prompts. I'm the only Admin on the Computer other than the System Admin Account that is built into Windows 10 by default. I'm using Eset on Windows 10 x64 Pro version 2004.
  8. All I want to do is make Eset Log inbound blocks for when there is no allow or deny rule. Eset blocks the connection attempt when there is no allow or deny rule and does not log it. I'm going to let Eset developers know about attacks they may not be aware of, and request a way to log them. If I create a rule to block all protocols then Eset will block all inbound access, and log all inbound connection attempts. My firewall log would be humongous and it would take an enormous amount of work to sort attacks from harmless connection attempts. I think it's best to sort this out with developme
  9. Sorry for the late reply. I was out of town for several days, and when I came back we had no internet which is typical of this area. My ISP is TDS, and they are incapable of fixing the internet outages here. I have no internet whenever it rains. Water is getting into the lines, and they have been unable to locate the problem after supposedly trying to for years. So, I have the TDS version of the router. I have always used the high setting for the "Security Firewall". The only visible thing that changes in the GUI is it unticks most of the default allowed inbound ports, but almost none of
  10. I'm beginning to wonder if my router even has SPI. I can't find anything that says it does. Also, Actiontec recently came out with a new DSL modem router combo that advertises that their latest product does have SPI, as if the prior didn't. This legacy product of theirs may not have SPI. If it does then I can't find any documentation stating that it does, and nothing in the user interface says it does. Also, the only logging feature I see in the UI says System Log with no options to change the logging level.
  11. Even when i'm not using a VPN, which is most of the time, my router does not log any blocked IP other than an IPV6 link-local address. It blocks that address over and over again. I'm using IPV4, and I have IPv6 disabled on my network adapter. I don't see any options to adjust the router's logging capability. I've ran plenty of port scans on my router, and never found any open ports. I have all unnecessary windows services disabled. I only have 5 services running that are listening, and their ports are filtered by Eset Firewall. There's not much to exploit on my machine by way of network attack
  12. The only thing my router ever logs as being blocked is some IPV6 address, and I have IPV6 disabled on my Network Adapter. I don't know how to log packets dropped from Eset's SPI filtering without turning on diagnostic logging. Eset does not recommend using diagnostic logging except for trouble shooting. The Nework Wizard does show packets dropped due to it's SPI filtering. I see them often. It says something like packet does not belong to any open connection. I would not have to use the Network Wizard if Eset had a better logging system. Also, Eset should not unblock blocked connecti
  13. You don't have to set the Logging Level to warning in order for Eset to log blocked connections to the Log File. You can set it to Information Level, and it will Log the event as well. I have been using Information Level. I don't know what the difference is in Information Level, and Warning Level. They both produce an entry in the Log file when an IP has been blocked. I will try to find it in the manual after I have finished this post. The Network Wizard will show several different types of attacks that I have found no way to Log using Eset's Logging. I would not even know about them with
  14. I have to use the Network Wizard to get the IP addresses for attackers that get blocked due to there not being an allowed rule or an explicit deny rule for. It's the only way I can get them, and I only have 1 hour to do it before they are lost. I totally agree with you on needing a new router. My router security sucks. We only get DSL here, and there are only 3 routers on the market that will work with my DSL. The other ones suck worse than the one I have. I have its settings configured for max security, but I can not block specific ports on my router unless it is one of the ports on
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