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  1. I have collected Logs. Where do I raise a support ticket at? Do you also want the logs? Is this the right place to create a ticket? I purchased my License through Eset's Store Website. https://www.eset.com/int/support/contact/
  2. I keep getting this alert, "Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) Integration has failed. Antimalware Scan Interface is not integrated into your system. This means that Powershell Scripts and Scripts executed by Windows Script Host will not be scanned for malicious content". It occurs shortly after boot. I have to reboot Windows to fix the issue each time. I'm using Eset Internet Security on Windows 10 Pro x64 My Windows Stats Below. Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 22H2 Installed on ‎5/‎28/‎2023 OS build 19045.3693 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19053.1000.0
  3. It doesn't matter on my system if you are in full screen mode or default mode. The problem is still the same. Most of the images above show the Windows in default mode without being maximized.
  4. I think maybe you misunderstand the problem. It looks like Eset has created a design flaw in the GUI. When you have a firewall rule for an application that has a long application path it moves all the data located in the second field too far to the right margin to be seen. Then you have to scroll to it in order to see it. Then you can't visibly see which data belongs to which field because the field names are no longer visible after you scroll to the right. The longer the application path the farther it moves that data over to the right margin. The user should be able to see that data without having to scroll to the right. Take a look at the rule you have for SearchApp.exe and you should see what I mean if the same thing is happening on your system. Here is what the sidebar looks like for SearchApp.exe on my system. It moves the data almost completely out of view for SearchApp.exe on my system. I can barley see where the beginning of the second field begins. Many of my other firewall rules are moved much farther over to the right margin than SearchApp.exe
  5. I know about the scroll bar. The point is the user should not have to scroll so far to right margin to see that information. That information should be listed right next to the field names. There really should be no reason for the user to have to scroll at all to see that information. Once the user scrolls over to the right the user can not visibly see which data belongs to which field because the field names are out of view then.
  6. All the info that should be listed where the red squares are is hidden far to the right of the margin. No application name, no port number, etc...
  7. Ok, I just discovered the info is actually there but out of view far to the right margin. One has to scroll far to the right to see the information listed for Availability, Action, Direction, Times Applied, Profile, Protocol, Local, and Remote for some Firewall rules. This same information is easily visible for most rules without having to scroll to the right. Below shows what the sidebar looks like when the user does not have to scroll far to the right to see the information listed for Application, Availiability, Action, Direction, Times Applied, Profile, Protocol, Local, and Remote.
  8. I Just updated to Eset Internet Security and everything is blank in the sidebar for some application rules. Application, Availability, Action, Direction, Times Applied, Profile, Protocol, Local, and Remote are all blank. This is shown in the 2 screenshots below. I can send Eset logs if requested by PM. My System Specs are as listed. Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 22H2 Installed on ‎5/‎28/‎2023 OS build 19045.3208 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19041.1000.0
  9. If the user monitors cmd.exe they will be able to block the execution of the batch file. If the user blocks powershell.exe and powershell_ise.exe then the malware will not be able to execute at the later stage in the event the batch file is allowed to execute. These attacks might make it past a traditional antivirus, but they can be easily blocked in a home environment using ERP or AppGuard. It's more difficult in a Corporate Environment were vulnerable executables are actually used often, so they can't be blocked as easily without creating problems. Things like Powershell, Remote Desktop, and batch files are used often in a Corporate environment. It's a hell of a lot easier to secure a home network than a corporate network.
  10. Users that don't use Powershell or Remote Desktop should block it using Policy Restriction or Whitelisting technologies. They can probably block over 90% of attacks by blocking the most commonly exploited executables like powershell.exe, powershell_ise.exe, rdp.exe, wscript.exe, cscript.exe, vbs.exe, cmd.exe (monitor this one using whitelisting), etc... This want be an option for most users though because it takes self initiative to learn more about security, Windows OS, and configuring security software. I believe most users don't care about security until they are victim.
  11. My settings in Security Center were the same as yours. I guess this thread will serve no purpose now that I am participating in Eset Insiders again, so I am going to mark it resolved for now. I am beta testing the latest alpha build of ESS since they finally decided to do a major overhaul of a certain features that looked horrid to me, and I was very outspoken about it for quite some time. I don't think I can say much about it due to the None Disclosure Agreement. The changes they made was not what I was expecting, but it looks much better than what is currently being used. I think you will like the changes.
  12. It seems that simply disabling and reenabling Eset's Firewall fixes the problem with the connection timing out for Eset Updates, Live Grid, and Webpages. I'm now able to visit all the webpages that I have been trying to visit all day, Eset finally updated, and Live Grid is working again. I was just restarting the computer to resolve the problem before this. I will just disable and restart Eset's Firewall until the problem can be identified and fixed.
  13. The Internet was working fine before I installed Eset. The problem started shortly after installing Eset. I tried changing my DNS to Google and that did not help, so I switched my DNS back to my ISP. I was trying to visit a popular news website just now and the connection kept timing out. I disabled the Firewall by right clicking on the try icon and the website loaded instantly. I will start disabling the Firewall each time i'm unable to access a website. If disabling the firewall allows me to access the website, then I can be pretty certain that Eset is the problem.
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