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  1. Hi There, As a suggestion, maybe you can move the webcam rules management in the Tools section of the main menu UI instead of having to hunt and find it under Device Control in the Advanced Menu. Confirmation of changes would require parental control password (if setup) to make any changes done to the rule set, or even enter the rule set if there's a privacy issue.
  2. Having the same issues with my home laptop (Dell XPS 12) no issues with my desktop though (Dell XPS 8700 SE)
  3. This isn't a ESET BETA 9 exclusive issues, as this also exists in ESET 8 for me. I couldn't use SSL scanner in ESET 8 & 9 as after a few days it'll cause BSOD on my computer with BAD_POOL_CALLER. The Memory.DMP file I have is over 1GB in size and I can submit for review if needed.
  4. One of our techs noticed that when you look at the license of the client, it just shows Expiration Date : 1969 Dec 31 18:59:59
  5. For some reason, the vast majority of our clients that can talk to ERA are deactivating for no reason. Asking for reactivation. We have to push a reactivation to these clients. Seems to happen after 30 days or so. Please investigate!
  6. Other reports works fine. AV Threats as well as Computers (we don't have Endpoint Security for firewall alerts). Running reports under Server Performance always shows 0 records for the last 24 hours. I have no idea why, since tbl_log_performance_server_event has data in it every 30 seconds.
  7. Any idea why the RAS Dashboard in ERA 6 is always blank?
  8. Hi There, I have ran SysInspector tasks on several computers, which seems to have ran successfully, but I'm unaware how to download those logs to view them. Can someone give me assistance with this? Thanks!
  9. That was helpful. Thank you Marcos. Hopefully in future versions, the installer will streamline this process so it will do it on it's own.
  10. How do you perform infrastructure upgrades in ESET 6? For example, I want to upgrade the core server from 6.1.265 to 6.1.28. I figured it was simple process of downloading the installer and running the upgrade through the installer, but the installer detects any installation and doesn't allow the process to move along. It says that I need to uninstall the products first. So this must mean that the whole process changed.
  11. Actually, this appears to be a bug. If you pause through the context menu in the system tray the password is not required. But, if you use the pause button within the gui, password is required. I think Marcos needs to report this up.
  12. If you password protect the antivirus configuration, it should prevent users from disabling.
  13. Sorry, to be clear I was referring to the Remote Administrator dashboard located in version 6.x
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