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  1. My experience has been that you use the Device ID number that shows up on the "Device not authorized" error message. Entering whatever number shows up there into the MEID/IMEI/MAC field in ERA is what you need to enroll the device.
  2. I spoke with an ESET sales support rep on the phone. The license for ESET Endpoint Antivirus covers ESET File Security v4.5 but not v6. That's fine, but it would be nice if that was posted somewhere on the website so I would have known to purchase new licenses when we upgraded.
  3. Anyone??? I've tried Google and I've tried contacting ESET support via the online form, but to no avail. Please help.
  4. So now that I've resolved my issue on the two test devices, I'm trying to enroll more. I am now running into the same error again. I have tried adding MEID, IMEI, MAC w/ colons, MAC w/o colons. The tasks all say completed successfully, but I still get the same Device not authorized Your device cannot connect to ESET Remote Administrator because it was not authorized by your administrator. Device ID: 99000xxxxxxxxxx error message as noted in my original post. Please help. This is very frustrating to follow all the directions ans still not have this not work. If there are any spec
  5. I forgot to mention in my original post that I had already tried the decimal MEID. However, I just tried it again to see what would happen, and it worked! Thanks!
  6. Hello, I recently installed ERA6 on a new machine running a new install of Windows Server 2008 R2. I have a small domain environment, so all components of ERA, the SQL database, MDM, etc. are all on the same machine. I also have licenses for Endpoint Antivirus for Windows and had used it for EFS 4.5 previously. However, once I installed EFS6 on both this machine and the domain controller, the product activation task fails. When I tried to activate it manually, I received an error that seems to say my license isn't valid for the product. However, I've installed and activated ESET Endpoint A
  7. Hello, I have recently installed ERA6 on Windows Server 2008 R2. I have licenses for Endpoint Antivirus for Windows and Mobile Security Business Edition. (I previously had the ERA Server 5 on a different machine and upgraded when I purchased the mobile security licenses.) This is a small domain, so all components of ERA, the SQL database, the MDM, etc. are on the same machine. I am running into several odd issues, and here's one specific to device enrollment. I've followed the directions in the ERA manual to add devices using the IMEI and then create a device enrollment task. When I lo
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