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  1. This also happened on one of my client's computers. I removed the account from Windows, logged into myeset.com and manually changed the randomly assigned account name it had come up with to a specific name of my choosing. My best guess is that ESET updated the web software to automatically assign these randomly generated account names when Anti-theft is activated, but didn't consider the impact to existing users. We'll see if it happens again, and methinks I will reach out to my other clients that are using Anti-theft
  2. I just installed EFS 6.2 on a client's 2008 server to replace Symantec Endpoint 11 (I think, whatever version was kicked to the curb in January of this year). My client has informed me that he is now having stability issues with the server and his NAS is now offline. I do not have a great deal of information about the server, except to say that it looks like the software has not been updated/upgraded since the original build in 2008. Any of the original contributors to this thread have current updates regarding stability?
  3. It's one thing to forget a username or password ... but to not know the email address that you used to create your ESET account is somewhat incredible. How many email addresses do you use? Anyways ... assuming that you at least haven't forgot all of the email addresses that you use, go here and just keep putting in email addresses until you get a message saying the information has been sent to your email. I use 3 email addresses, my wife has 5 or so ... we maintain a file that details what email and password is linked to each online service we use. Those who fail to prepare, prepare
  4. At the risk of offending LabVIEW707 (snicker) I would actually like ESET to include the option to enable detection of Potentially Unsafe Applications during installation (the same way it asks about enabling detection of Potentialy Unwanted Applications). I had no idea the option was not enabled given that I had enabled Unwated during install. Keep scrubbing furiously ESET, someone has to try to save people from themselves!
  5. I feel the following information to be relevant to this thread. My sister's laptop came with a 60 day free trial of Norton Internet Security. Only a day after I finished setting it up for her and making sure everything was updated (Windows, Norton etc.) her browser was hijacked by freepctuneup.com or some such stupid thing. I posted a thread on the Norton forum, and their final reply said "It looks like you have picked up a PUP, a Possibly Unwanted Program. While they are annoying, they do not cause damage to your system. Some people actually want the 'Features' offered by these progra
  6. I did not have Potentially Unsafe Application checked, and after enabling that I did receive the warning on the download attempt. Nice job with the quick assessment SCR.
  7. Interesting SCR, I have not installed CCleaner on this computer since installing ESET so it definitely is not a case of my having excluded it previously. In fact, I can't be certain but I don't think I have ever installed CCleaner on this machine. In your screenshot there is reference to palemoon.exe ... any idea what that is?
  8. Now that we are back on topic ... in the very first post the OP states that "since I switch to Eset Internet Security new updates from Piriform for CCleaner have been blocked from installation by the firewall" My question for the original poster, what exactly do you mean by "blocked from installation"? It's my understanding that ESET's optional setting to detect Potentially Unwanted Programs simply displays a message warning the user that the installation contains a Potentially Unwanted Program. ESET is in no way dictating what you should, or should not install on your computer ...
  9. Does SS6 have an option on the task bar menu to reset window layout?
  10. Point of order ... the hat would need to be made of copper, aluminum won't help at all Just sayin ...
  11. Couple of things 1) earlier you mentioned testing your speed, how did you test it? 2) are you willing to at least try Firefox to determine if the problem persists outside of Chrome? After reading this thread I installed Chrome (I use Firefox as my main browser) and tested my speed with Ookla's (www.speedtest,net) Same results with Firefox and Chrome, 80Mb down and 10Mb up. Rogers is my ISP and my package is 60Mb down and 10Mb up. Rogers has a feature called speedboost that will temporarily increase your bandwidth if network traffic is light (helps with their speedtest results lol) N
  12. The part that confuses me is that in a LAN that has been configured as Home/Work (in other words trusted), incoming connection attempts from other devices in the LAN should already be set up to allow. This is referring to the computer hosting, but in the same line of thought with a system hosting the game on a LAN that host should be broadcasting the available game ... so the outbound connection should actually be what the client systems see. Just seems bizarre that I needed to add the game's .EXE file to a new firewall rule in a trusted LAN environment. Keep the ideas coming, and anyone fro
  13. Seeing as this has been bumped, I am curious to know if you opened a support ticket with ESET directly. The forum is excellent, but direct support should be the best option.
  14. I installed ESS 8 the other day and left all the settings at the defaults. Things seem to be working fine regarding the firewall (all of my LAN functions were carrying on without interruption), but today I tried to play a LAN multiplayer game of Age of Mythology (ancient, but still good fun). Apparently a rule wasn't automatically created because the hosted game did not show up on the client computer. After manually creating a rule for the .exe of the game, it works fine ... what triggers the Automatic mode to create an allow rule for a game? Just want to figure out why this didn't work ... T
  15. Yes, I used the Offline Installer as a work around, but just for the record the Live Installer is exhibiting the same behavior on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit system, my Windows 7 Pro 64 bit laptop and my Windows 10 technical preview system of course that isn't supported) I have not yet done the install on my Windows 7 Pro 32 bit laptop, but if it goes the same way on that I have a ticket open with tech support and will follow up with them. Anyone else been able to successfully use the Live Installer in that last couple of days? Oh, and by the way ... once I had used the offline insta
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