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  1. We are planning on removing ESET Mail Security from our client servers and replacing it with ESET File Security, are there any special considerations to be made when uninstalling ESET Mail Security and is a reboot required before ESET File Security can be installed? We don't want to run the risk of Exchange being left in an unstable condition after removing ESET Mail Security so would like to be aware of any possible issues before hand.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I wasn't aware of the SBS guide. I will try that and see what progress we can make.
  3. Due to SBS2011 having SQL server pre-installed I understand that we need to create the era_db ourselves. After a lot of jumping through hoops and head-scratching the database has been created and a new database user account 'eset' has been setup for access. I created a new System DSN in ODBC Administrator which works fine, the settings are as follows: Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver Version 06.01.7601 Data Source Name: test Data Source Description: Server: SBS\SQLEXPRESS32 Database: era_db Language: (Default) Translate Character Data: Yes Log Long Running Queries: No Log Driver Statistics: No Use Regional Settings: No Prepared Statements Option: Drop temporary procedures on disconnect Use Failover Server: No Use ANSI Quoted Identifiers: Yes Use ANSI Null, Paddings and Warnings: Yes Data Encryption: No This connection goes through no problem which confirms that the database exists, the driver works, and the eset account has access rights. However, when we come to select the database during ERA 6 installation it now comes up with the error 'the specified database was not used for this purpose before or it is corrupted', which kinda makes sense, of course the database hasn't been used before, I just made it! The question is, how do I get past this error?
  4. No it's all of them, I figured out what was causing it by emailing ESET support. Apparently the version of the client we are using doesn't have the firewall and so doesn't support Web Control rules!
  5. Hi, I tried downloading the file and ESET quarantined it so I assume that the scanning of SSL is working correctly.
  6. Thanks Marcos, I tried adding the setting to allow scanning of SSL but it hasn't made any difference, the PC can still browse to Facebook just as before, any ideas? I have attached a screenshot of the Workstations - Filtered Internet policy so you can see what is set in it.
  7. I have created a 'Workstations - Filtered Internet' policy in policy manager and an associated entry in Policy Rules and the Group Manager. I have assigned one workstation to this group as a test (the new policy is a child policy of the 'Workstations' policy) and confirmed that settings are applying correctly to this workstation by adding a path exclusion to the new policy then checking the exclusions on the workstation once it picked up the change. The issue I am having is that I am unable to set up any kind of filtering of websites. The Workstations - Filtered Internet policy only has the Web Control > Settings > System Integration 'Yes' and Web Control > Settings > Rules defined, the rest of the settings it inherits from the parent policy (Workstations). The two rules I have in place for Web Control are a category based rule to block Social Networking and a URL based rule to block https://www.facebook.com/, ideally we would like to only use category based filtering but I added the URL filter as a test. Neither of these rules seem to be having any effect on the PC assigned to the group, however. It can still browse to Facebook as always. The server is running ESET Remote Administrator Console Version 5.0.511.0 and the client has ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.0.2214 Any advice on how to get the filtering working would be greatly appreciated!! I have followed the KB article for deploying filtering using RA Console to no avail!
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