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  1. Hi Forum, i‘m trying to build a modular device control whitelist: allow stick 123 for user abc allow devices from vendor xyz in group hij block all other I was trying to append the „block all“ last rule by policy order, but its really hard to keep the rule last - when i add another rule in a child group this ist added later (of course). is there any way to default-block (or default-warn) everything not explictily allowed? One idea would be, to throw all usb-rules in one policy, but that would get quite long. Thanks in advance! christian
  2. When I initially deployed File Security two a couple domain controllers for testing purposes, I had created the installer with an ESET built-in policy (Antivirus - Real-time scanner only) which claims that it is "Optimized performance for server." I was told here than I should instead use the Default configuration first, as it'll provide better protection and only roll back things if i have issues.. makes sense! So i created a default policy and applied it to the group in which these two domain controllers reside. Is there something else i need to do to get this policy to be followed? Portions of File Security are still not enabled, even though they are in the policy i've applied to the group: Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  3. halo, my environment : ubuntu, era 6.5. i'm trying to create a policy data based on "built in policy". i can not find the required data ("Binary data of the serialized policy.") for "policyData" attribute. here is my json. i erase the policyData.data content, because it is very long. { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.Policies.RpcCreatePolicyRequest": { "staticObjectData": { "name": "Antivirus - Maximum security ole", "description": "Taking advantage of advanced heuristic, LiveGrid, IdleState Scanner, Automatic device scan after connection, SSL filtering. Detection of potentially unsafe, unwanted and suspicious applications is not affected. Exclusions are overwritten." }, "policyData": { "data": "long data......----------", "product": "eset.local.products.endpoint" } } } so far i manage to find the qualified product names they are in the tbl_policies table, but i cant find the "Binary data of the serialized policy." i tried to use the extremely long "policy_data" field from the same data. the JSON reponse was okay, but in the web console the settings panel not working, displaying error message "ERROR WHILE INITIALIZING CONFIGURATION EDITOR". i have no idea what else to try. any insight are welcome. thanks in advance.
  4. We just switched over to ERA 6 + Endpoint Security 6.x, and I'm having some issues with the new Policy Manager. I simply want to set up a configuration default which is reasonable for our company, but still allow end-clients to modify their settings. The problem is, if I create my own policy, tweak the settings, then apply it to the Static Group "All", the configuration is applied, but those settings are also turned to "Read-Only" on the client side. How do I make the ERA apply policies on clients without turning the setting read-only? The built-in policies don't seem to make their settings Read-Only? Unfortunately hxxp://help.eset.com/test/era_admin/6/en-US/index.html?admin_pol_policies_wizard.htm hxxp://help.eset.com/test/era_admin/6/en-US/index.html?amin_pol_assign_policy_to_group.htm hxxp://help.eset.com/test/era_admin/6/en-US/index.html?admin_pol_flags.htm don't mention anything about Read-Only settings. Any ideas? I need to set Trusted Zones, Excluded Paths, a few firewall rules without locking it all down. Thanks! -- .marius
  5. Hi All, We're currently on ERA v6.4 and starting to roll out the Web Control feature in one of our policies. During the creation of a rule, I click to edit the "user" list and it asks for user SID. I click the link to search for SID, and navigate to the correct user by name. However, once the user is selected, the user is again listed as the SID. Here's the problem: If I want to go back into the rule to remove a user or make any sort of a change to a user, I have to know their SID. Is something configured incorrectly or is this by design? Is my User Sync Task configured incorrectly? The very very odd twist to all of this is, I cannot get a custom report for web control logs to produce any information, but the Endpoint install is logging all blocks as they should (I have tried using each logging severity level, and still the same result). The one thing that is working correctly, is the blocking of websites. No problems there at all. Anyone have any input on this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, can you please advise with following issue? I want to create a policy for a dynamic group. Policy should start an on-demand scan for a whole station, excluding specific folders. I know how to use scheduler ( hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3625/ ), I just dont know how to add a folder exclusion in there. I suppose I should create an on-demand scan profile, but I only see how to exclude extensions, not folders. Thanks, Berry
  7. With ERA 5, i can set client custom info for computers with mirror enabled or Update server. How can i do that in ERA 6 ? is it possible ?
  8. Hi Guys Quick question as i cant find the answer in google. When applying a mail server rule to block "forbidden archives" does it block both incoming and outgoing archives? We have zip files blocked and i know its blocked on the way in. Unsure if its blocked or should be blocked on the way out... Location in Policy Mail Security 4.5 for MS Exchange Server/server protection/General mail server protection settings/Rules
  9. Hello I have a question to Eset crew about splitting write/execute attribute at access rights section. Our company thinks about central console for lots of smaller organizations which eploy many local admins and this feature is critical. Is there any chance to make it possible in near future ? Thx for reply
  10. When willl we be able to merge exclusion policies on Eset Business products via ERA? When willl we be able to set local exclusion beside the exclusions applied via policy? If anyone knows about a release date for this functionality, please let us know. Thanks in advance
  11. Hello Team how to do centrally exclusion in era 6.4 if i have my genuine software found in virus detection so how to exclude it in all pc. Regards Vimarsh P.
  12. Report Query- Can you create reports based alerts handled/marked as resolved over either a time period or since start of time? Most reports I can see is basically metrics on unresolved issues but I would like to see reolved issues and even time/date marked as resolved for metric purposes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm stucked with a problem and all solutions I find didn't help me :/ I try to apply web filtering on clients with EES. SSL is enabled and work properly. Then I filter on category like adult content, malware, peer to peer... Our client needs to enable youtube navigation but disable others streaming ways. So in category filtering i blocked streaming and try to allowed youtube by URL. To resume : Rule 1) Allow https://www.youtube.* Rule 2) Block category including streaming (audio and video) Is there any chance you could help me with this? Maybe the format of my URL is wrong... :/ Thank you a lot for your help : ) Conf : ERA 6.4 (linux appliance) Client EES last version
  14. Hi everyone We are using EES 6.4 on W10 64b, remotely administrated with ERA. The point is for a common/normal client(User1/ComputerA), I set up a policy where the GUI is on silent mode. So, User1 can't access or start EES. Now, if our helpdesk(User2) has to achieve some configuration on the computer, he logs in on an other Windows session. On the SAME computer (ComputerA), it's possible to allow User2 to acces the GUI? To resume : Is there any posibility to differenciate policy according the user on one computer? In fact when I asked for this particularity, 2 weeks ago to a member of the integration crew, he confirmed that it was ok to implement. Thank you in advance for your help Best regards
  15. Hello Eset How To generate web Control Reports in era 6.3 for all user who installed ees and set policy web sites block. Regards Vimarsh Panchal
  16. Hi All, We are currently updating our Configuration Policy and need to add a path to a new CRM client software that has been rolled out. The path is the same on all client workstations and follows the path: C:\Users\%Username%\CRMSoftware (with sub-folders and CRM Database). Just wondering how do you add this path to ERAS Configuration policy so we would only need to apply it once and not have to add it to the Eset Client on the workstations manually. We are using ERAS v and all client workstations are on V5 EndPoint AntiVirus. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  17. How vulnerability working in eset era or eset home ? where's the report generated of vulnerability in era? which type of vulnerability scan in eset.like windows or other soft.
  18. Using ERA version 6.2 with client AV I need to know that how can I import the setting file (.xml) exported from the client AV in ERAC. While importing .xml getting error Import has failed: Invalid exported policies format. When checked exporting policy from ERAC it uses .dat format to export. So please help.
  19. How to deploy ESET Endpoint Security (for Android) to a various, not specific number of clients? On ERAS 5 we used the following way: User gets the apk, installed and click the configuration link. DONE. Client is listened in ERAS, gets updates and can be managed. How to do this on ERAS 6? THX a lot, meg
  20. Hello Team, I am new to the ESET anti-virus. Have been given an existing environment to manage. I was tasked to check whether the real-time scan is enabled or not. I did search but didn't find any clues to where exactly I should look for this question. Wanted to post it here to get some answers. Details of the existing setup; ERA server - 5.2.22 Client - 4.0.10 ESET Security The clients are fully linux servers and it is scheduled with weekly scheduled scan. But, we need to know whether the real-time scan is enabled here. Thanks in advance for your help.
  21. Looking at the ESET OVA's sshd_config, x11Forwarding is turned on effectively allowing authenticated users to tunnel traffic through this server using SSH protocol. If the ESET OVA is deployed as a proxy server in a DMZ or internet-facing system, can x11 Forwarding be disabled? I have disabled X11 Forwarding on all ESET OVAs deployed as a proxy and have not noticed any degradation of service but I want to confirm with ESET support that this will not affect performance.
  22. Hi How to disable learning mode notifications from era server 5.x & 6.x. Regards Vimarsh Panchal
  23. I've got a policy being applied to clients. I added an entry to the URL Address Management Blocked Addresses List inside Web Access Protection. Once it was applied, it worked perfectly. I then went in to delete the entry... and can't. The Edit and Remove buttons are both greyed out, the only thing i can do is add more addresses. I've changed the switch above for "List active" to disabled, so now EEA isn't blocking sites. But i'd like to be able to modify that list without having to recreate my policy from scratch. Help! Thanks
  24. Every single unit with EFS or EEA v6 that was activated is connecting to edf.eset.com:443 via our server proxy all the time. It's because every licence is being verified by ESET. I've already talked with polish ESET support and there is no way to avoid it. It is causing a traffic on our server proxy. We have ERA installed so we really don't need to go outside our LAN. I can turn off server proxy and everything works fine but than licence information is not being updated in ELA console. Is it a way to turn on server proxy settings for a specific period of time? For example daily during night so licences could be refreshed in ELA?
  25. Hello, I an looking for a way in the ERA version 6 to disable certain ntotifications. Right now I would wish to disable notifications regarding added registry items for programs that I install. How can I do this? If you need more information please let me know. Best regards, Rene Klomp
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