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    Hello all, I'll be happy to speak to the concerns of Nate and any other would-be chat users here. The chat client that we use is BeyondTrust, formerly known as Bomgar. It's a very widely used chat client and a highly effective solution. 

    The Terms and Conditions that Nate points out here are not set by ESET. They are baked into the product by BeyondTrust. I have seen customers express concern around them before, and have looked into whether that wording can be changed, it cannot. As a Remote Help software vendor, BeyondTrust is clearly taking steps to ensure that there is no ambiguity around the fact that their software allows for remote control of the end-user's machine. We choose to use their product because it meets our needs in terms of abilities to service our customers, and as such this wording cannot be changed. 
    With that said, the way we have BeyondTrust configured, the customer must still agree to elevate privileges for their support agent before any remote help can be performed. So effectively the language cited here is given well in advance of the support agent having the capability to view a customer's screen and/or execute remote help or transfer files. Following the terms and conditions, there is a privilege elevation step that is required to start remote help, and before that is set in motion, the chat agent is beholden to our internal policy that states they have to message the customer and inform them that they will be able to see the screen and control the mouse. 
    These warnings can be concerning, but they are necessary for BeyondTrust and ESET to protect ourselves, and ethical in the sense that we would never want to mislead a customer about the nature of our support agent's ability to view and operate their machine. Without the capabilities of software like this, we would be at a significant disadvantage when helping the large number of customers who don't feel confident making changes on their machines. So we go along with the necessary legal language to ensure that all parties understand the nature of remote help. 
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