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  1. I discovered that I can set the startup scan to be run when the system is idle. I have not noticed much of the trouble I reported in recent weeks, even before I made this change. Since I cannot delay the startup scan be a set number of minutes, I am trying this approach, which is available. The default scan target for the startup scan is "Files run after user logon". Should I leave this as is? Of course, I realize that setting the scan to be run when the system is idle means the scan will be run after the files have been run. Normally, does Eset scan these files before they are run
  2. Yes, I mean hibernation. I have sleep disabled on my computers (all of which are laptops), because there is no BitLocker protection in sleep mode. Thanks for suggesting a ticket, which I will consider. However, since I have noticed this delay with other computers, I'm not sure whether a ticket will be productive. Years ago, before I used a VPN, I noticed that I could not download email after just starting up my computer, until ESET had finished downloading updates. I wish someone from ESET would comment on whether ESET blocks other connections or downloads when it is performing certain ta
  3. @shocked, Thanks for your reply, which I just found. (I thought I would get an email notification.) I have had the problem I described for several years, on different laptops. It has not happened since my post, probably since I disabled System startup file check. What I didn't understand about your post is this: "you can modify the default scheduled tasks to suit your needs". But I cannot find a way to set up the System startup file check to run 5 minutes after I start my system. There is a drop-down menu with choices such as User logon, Every time computer starts, and The first
  4. DESCRIPTION: Move Scheduler from More Tools to Tools; move "More Tools" link on Tools page to a position at the end of the list DETAILS: I can't remember how long it took me to find the Scheduler the first time I tried. It seemed like scheduling when a scan would occur is a pretty basic feature, and I expected to find it under Setup, but it was not there. I might have looked on the Tools page and not found it there, either. I think I missed the link to "More Tools" because it is in the lower-right corner of the page, all by itself. (And it is not in blue, like the other links on the page.
  5. DESCRIPTION: Offer options to delay task after computer starts or user logon under "Task timing" in ESET Internet Security Scheduler DETAILS: It appears to me that when ESET Internet Security performs an update or startup scan, it takes over the Internet connection and does not allow other programs to connect with the Internet. This causes an impossible situation when I resume Windows from hibernation. From what I see on the Taskbar, it looks like the computer is trying to connect to the Internet, and my VPN is trying to connect to the VPN server, but neither can happen because ESET is bu
  6. Pipes, If you're still following this thread, please consider this... I had my whole family switch to Waterfox for the same reasons you used it. It was a great story that it was created by a 16-year-old and protected users' privacy. Only that has changed: it Alex sold out to a company that is in the business of data collection. Please read more here: https://restoreprivacy.com/browser/secure/ (Search for "Waterfox".) Now we use Firefox. Suggested privacy settings are at https://restoreprivacy.com/firefox-privacy/. Another privacy expert, Michael Bazzell, also reco
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