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  1. Hi @Marcos That's very interesting. Is there a way to get rid of this virus/PUA ? What is the level of dangerousness of this virus/PUA ?
  2. Hello @Rami You are right ! That is a very friendly program?
  3. @Marcos Oups I apologize for my confusion. I will create a new thread...
  4. Hello, Not sure that my problem is the same but when I try to open my Licence Manager with "my ESET", I got an empty page ?!
  5. No problemo @Marcos , I have the same understanding?
  6. OK, so I will wait for the next update? Thanks @Marcos
  7. Hello, I upgraded my ESET IS and now I have v12.0.27.0.? But the Referral program link is missing on my GUI? I can see the link on the following screen shot here: https://support.eset.com/kb7045/ Can you help me ?
  8. Hello, I have a question about the license parameters on ESET IS 10 BETA. Is it possible to enter an ESET Multidevice Security 9 license key ?
  9. What do you mean? Hello, I am not a frequent beta tester so I don't know the custom. I was only hoping to get a discount for my next ESET 10 license.
  10. Hello I'm continuing to test ESET EIS 10 and it works very well But I don't know if the betatesters can hope for a gift after the 31 October 2016 ?
  11. Hello All this new features are very interesting. I'm using ESS 9 with more than 12 months of remaining licence. Do you think it will be possible when ESET 10 will release to upgrade from ESS to ESSP whitout loosing my current licence ?