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  1. NOD32 version

    Misters developers, announce, please, the list of changes for version 11.0.149. *. Thanks
  2. There is a wish to swear dirty. I assume that my English is not absolutely clear at this forum (I use the online translator), and only therefore I do not do it. Concerning my note - you only need to change in a window of the scheduler of the name of two extreme right columns in places: "settings" for "start time", and "start time" - on "settings", and all! And for this purpose it is not necessary to involve translators Made it, and more than once. The response is always approximately same: "We need time to communicate with developers for sending the error noticed by you..." As a result still this trifle is not corrected. Amusing for you to watch...
  3. With fonts, perhaps, and not everything is so bad, but for some reason, for example, in the English localization they are precisely larger. And here other error: are confused by places of the name of columns in the scheduler's window (on a screenshot are selected) It is senseless to redirect such errors in the Russian representative office of ESET - there are definitely no developers and translators of the interface there. I do not know whether there are they here, but it shall be a shame to you with such devil-may-care attitude to the product - the disgrace described by me is pulled from the 9th version
  4. Version 10.1.2xx bug

    NGR, I ask forgiveness and in what a problem?