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  1. Thanks+++ @Nightowl for your help !
  2. Oups, I'm confusing. Thanks @Nightowl ! But there is nothing about the last version ?!
  3. Hi @Nightowl , thanks but I'm not searching the download link because EIS is yet installed on my PC 😉 I'm searching what are the changes in the new version... Thanks @itman for this very interesting article.
  4. Thanks @Nightowl Do you know where I can find ESET changelogs ? I have lost the link.
  5. Thanks @Marcos for your explanations. Is this "under-the-hood" feature also present in ESET Internet Security ?
  6. Hello @Marcos Where can I find all the differences between ESET IS and ESET SSP. Here https://www.eset.com/fr/#compare I don't see anything about "RDP bruteforce blocking".
  7. Hello, My Chrome is Version 76.0.3809.100 (Build officiel) (64 bits); so are you using a beta ? I don't have any message from Chrome for removing ESET IS...
  8. Hello, Also a similar problem when I "right" click on file and then make an analyse with ESET IS.
  9. Hello, Same problem for me with ESET IS + Windows 10 + Outlook 2013
  10. Hi @Marcos That's very interesting. Is there a way to get rid of this virus/PUA ? What is the level of dangerousness of this virus/PUA ?
  11. Hello I'm using ESET IS 12 with Windows 10 pro. I was connected on the following site: https://www.isotoner.fr/checkout/onepage/success/ and I received an alert from ESET: I decided to block the communication but I think that this shopping site is safe. I was not able to find the trace of this block on ESET logs What can I do ? Thanks for your help.
  12. Thanks @Marcos Yesterday before reniewing my license I can saw my 3 devices but after reniewing I have this empty page☹️
  13. Hello When I try accessing to my License Manager with "my ESET", I only got an empty page ?!
  14. @Marcos Oups I apologize for my confusion. I will create a new thread...
  15. Hello, Not sure that my problem is the same but when I try to open my Licence Manager with "my ESET", I got an empty page ?!
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