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  1. Hello, I don't see much conversation related to the above image. The provided steps, as shown below, don't provide much clarity to my circumstances. https://help.eset.com/essp/15/en-US/idh_config_opp_badge.html#s-in-browser-notifications Security alert and red browser frame: The browser is not protected by the ESET Banking & Payment protection. Restart the browser to ensure the protection is active. To resolve a conflict with files loaded in the browser, contact ESET Technical Support by following the instructions in our Knowledgebase article. https://support.eset.com/en/kb3466-how-do-i-use-eset-log-collector Granted, I've rarely gotten B&PP to consistently work/run on any of my browsers—but the red browser frame is a first. Generally speaking, has anyone else experienced B&PP issues? Thank for your time
  2. Hello @Peter Randziak Will having a Dev Channel for Windows 11 be an issue?
  3. Yup. I had disabled the anti-theft at one point as well. I suspect that it's due to disc configuration or how my user folders are set up since I've also experienced my 2nd MS account, for my surface pro, load as my desktop environment. II'veread that document before but will take a 2nd look at it again, thanks! I don't feel it's anything malicious so I'll eventually get a handle on it. On a slightly separate topic, I've automatically set my client to submit samples at anytime. Looking back at it, there's been a good handful that's been submitted for analysis; from the boot and startup process. Any way to see results or a more detailed report of the results? Thank you for the time.
  4. I am having similar, not quite identical, experiences. I can attest to some occurrences due to my own errors in PC configuration, however, if there is documentation to read on ESET's phantom account, please advise?
  5. Please note now that I have deactivated my license for the time being and to let me know if posting this thread will be of any issues. Now, I didn't think to be so puzzled in being able to determine if such persistece exists in my Android. After seeing an article involving a banking trojan for affiliates on web browsers, it peaked my interest as I have been on a hunt for a "non-existent" malware that silently passes through channels that have yet to be documented. Please advise on how to properly determine infection while being only limited to utilizing my device? Searching for a hidden exe within my settings to access most, not all, of the characters in my Android resulted in the below snippet most would see as non-significant: Thank you kindly.
  6. If I am not late to the party, please allow me to be a part of the Beta as well.
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